Immigration in US Today

What is the problem with Immigration?

How Obama deals with Immigration

Immigration is a problem in the US Obama says (Fox). Lots of people think that Immigration is a problem, and it is. Obama is helping out at all, he says that he is going to deport 5 million immigrants, but is Obama actually going to do. Obama has already deported 2 million immigrants (Fox). Hillary Clinton said if she is elected president, that she would work on Obamas plan for the immigration move (Kraushaar). Will Hillary actually keep her promise? I read that she is going to allow immigration so she can have Hispanic votes (Kraushaar). Overall immigration is a problem and nobody is taking action to fix this huge problem. For now, all you can do is hope Obama will get his head in the game.

The Big Question?

Immigrations effect on the US

The big question is Does immigration effect the U.S? The answer is yes, immigration does effect the U.S. majorly. Immigration effect the U.S. so much. Immigration affects the economy, Americans, and the Americans wages. Immigration is affecting the economy very bad right now. Jobs are being taken by people who have came over here illegally an is sucking money out of our nation. American wages are going down do to immigration. Americans are getting mad about this and how Obama is doing nothing about it. This is why Amweicans are getting mad, because Obama say that he's going to do something about immigration but he actually is doing nothing.