Manuel Noriega



Manuel Antonio Noriega was born the son of an accountant and his wife in a poor area of Panama City, Panama in 1934. At the age of five he was given up for adoption to a schoolteacher. He attended the National Institute, a well-regarded High school, with the intention of becoming a doctor, but his family could not afford to send him to Medical school. Instead, Noriega accepted a scholarship to attend the Chorrios Military Academy in Peru. He graduated in 1962 with a degree in engineering. He after became a sublieutenant in the National Guard. Noriega after this time when he gained power, began to be suspected of gun trafficking smuggling, money laundering, torture, murder, and selling U.S. information and technology to Cuba and Eastern European countries. Noriega denied these accusations and said U.S. politicians were looking for a way to undo the Panama Canal treaties before the canal became Panama property on December 31, 1999.
Downfall of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega

Dear Diary,

The people are going insane over me ruling over them and now they want me out of this country. Even if I have made some questioning decisions and have slain many people it has been for the greater good of the country and for me as well. This new uprising of the people is starting to get out of control and I do not know what I can do. They say that I have been smuggling drugs to the people and are caughting on to me quick on other issues. I just hope that I can stay in office and not get overthrown by these crazy civilions.

P.S.: I might be shipping my next delivery to the east tomorrow morning.

Why did the people want Noriega out of office so bad?