Estonia Song Festival

Estonia Song Festival

The tradition of the song festival was born along with the Estonian national awakening. The first national song festival was held in Tartu in the summer of 1869. One of the organizers of the first song festival was Johann Valdemar Jannsen. In the first 3 festivals only men’s choirs and orchestras participated. 822 singers and 56 brass players. Starting from 1947, the soviet authorities forced foreign songs into the repertoire. Every even was to include the State Anthem international. The estonia song festival is unique and is very lovely.The Dont take it from me, go look for yourself!

  1. Johann Voldemar Jannsen was an Estonian journalist and poet active in Livonia. He wrote the words of the patriotic song "Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm", which later became the national anthem of Estonia. He was the father of the poet Lydia Koidula.

  2. Born: May 16, 1819, Estonia

  3. Died: July 13, 1890, Tartu,Estonia

Estonia's History

Estonians resisted the assaults of Vikings, Danes, Swedes, and Russians before the 13th century. In 1346, the Danes, who possessed northern Estonia, sold the land to the Teutonic Knights of Germany, who already possessed Livonia (southern Estonia and Latvia). The Teutonic Knights reduced the Estonians to serfdom. In 1526, the Swedes took over, and the power of the German (Balt) landowning class was reduced. But after 1721, when Russia succeeded Sweden as the ruling power under the Peace of Nystad, the Estonians were subject to a double bondage—the Balts and the czarist officials. The oppression lasted until the closing months of World War I, when Estonia finally achieved independence after a victorious war (1918–1920). But shortly after the start of World War II, the nation was occupied by Russian troops and incorporated as the 16th republic of the USSR in 1940. Germany occupied the nation from 1941 to 1944, when it was retaken by the Soviets

Where is Estonia?

Estonia is mainly a lowland country that is bordered by the Baltic Sea, Latvia, and Russia. It has numerous lakes and forests and many rivers, most draining northward into the Gulf of Finland or eastward into Lake Peipus, its largest lake.

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