Managing Anxiety

Apps and Activities for all

Yoga for all

Here are some free yoga videos that focus on stress, focus, self-regulation etc.

All your kids favorite books and movie characters while doing yoga!

Relaxation and Mindfulness Apps for Kids with Anxiety

  1. Breathe, Think, Do Sesame
  2. Calm
  3. DreamyKid
  4. Headspace: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness
  5. Kids Yoga Deck
  6. Stop, Breathe, and Think Kids
  7. Breathing Bubbles
  8. Smiling Mind
  9. Positive Penguins
  10. Calm Counter
  11. Emotionary
  12. Take a Chill
  13. Chill Outz
  14. Super Stretch Yoga
  15. Relax Melodies

Ways to reach out

Hello All,

We hope you are staying safe at home. If you end up making any homemade squishy email us your pictures so we can share your creative side :) Happy first day of Spring!

If you need to reach out please email

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