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Winter 2021

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The Light Is Coming

Winter brings us cold weather and days that tend to be short on sunlight. It can feel endless and tiresome. In a year that has already sapped all of of our mental reserves and energy, winter can compound the feelings of hopelessness and exhaustion we may be experiencing.

The late superintendent in my town, Dr. Steven Mayer, used to say about the winter solstice, "that everyday from this point forward the days get a little bit brighter...inch by inch it becomes lighter and lighter as we move forward from here."

There are days where it can be hard to see the light but I promise you, it's there. We only have to look for it. Look for those things that bring you light and joy. Call an old friend, set up a video chat with family, connect with your sisters virtually and enjoy some time together.

Inch by inch we will move forward towards lighter days.

In sisterhood,

Heather Lieberman

State Editor

Gamma Chapter

Introducing the 2021 DKGNJ International Representative Peggy Jonas, DKG International Finance Director

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We are happy to announce that Peggy Jonas, the DKG International Finance Director will be our international representative at the 2021 virtual DKGNJ Convention. After 30 years working in accounting, business, and financial management in the for-profit world, Peggy sought an opportunity to utilize her experience in a more soul satisfying environment. Near and dear to her heart has always been the empowerment and advancement of women, and excellence in education, therefore she was thrilled when she was offered the position of Accounting Manager at DKG in 2018. In 2020, Peggy was named Finance Director.

Her background includes working in public accounting, then the private sector for a hardware company, a software company and then most recently in the retail/internet sales of fine jewelry. Each position has furthered her education in overseeing funds, maintaining cash flow, the holding of fiduciary responsibility/liability and reporting practices.

A native Nebraskan, Peggy graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting and economics. Following graduation, she lived briefly in Wichita Kansas, then moved to San Diego, California, where she obtained her CPA licenses, before moving to and settling in Austin, Texas. Peggy definitely prefers the warm climates, to cold and snow.

As Finance Director Peggy is the headquarters liaison to several committees including the Finance Committee, the Scholarship Committee, and the International Speakers Fund. She is also treasurer of the DKG International Educators Foundation. We can all see what a busy lady she is! But she does have a life outside of DKG. Peggy is married and the mother of three grown children, two sons and a daughter. Now also a Grandmother to one. All of whom she is so proud to call hers. Peggy loves reading, traveling (when not in the midst of a pandemic), and training her new puppy, Lola, a Snorkie (Yorkshire Terrier/Miniature Schnauzer).

In just her short time with DKG, Peggy really feels that DKG has become the soul food she was seeking. She is always delighted whenever she is able to introduce herself as the Finance Director and explain the mission and purpose of the organization. We all look forward to meeting Peggy at our convention on April 17th and 18th.

From the Desk of Ingrid Williams, DKGNJ President

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This past week, like many of you, I woke up to a winter scene that was worthy of a postcard picture. The tree branches were covered in glistening snow and the ground was pristine and white. It was nice to sit inside where I was warm, drinking my coffee, and looking out on the beautiful scene. I knew at some point I would need to go outside and as I contemplated that move, it occurred to me that I had no path to follow, no footsteps to step in. I would have to make my own path through the snow.

This past year has been very much about making new paths, hasn’t it? We have navigated through a full year of a pandemic, each of us encountering paths that had no footsteps to follow. For many, it’s been a year of loss, loneliness and isolation. We’ve expanded our vocabulary to include words and phrases such as social distancing, virtual and hybrid learning, quarantining, mask wearing, drive-by celebrations and zooming. We’ve had much more free time on our hands as in-person social events have been cancelled. It has given us time to reflect, meditate, clean out closets and start dreaming about post-COVID times, times where we can hug our loved ones, throw a party, travel, sit next to a stranger, see people smiling and wear lipstick. Hopefully this past year has helped us realize that we are more resilient and flexible than we realized.

Any time we are presented with new challenges, there’s an opportunity for new ideas and growth. There’s a chance to make new footprints. If we keep a positive attitude, we see opportunities we may have never before considered. We have seen this happen with the planning of our chapter and state meetings as well as the state convention. In the past year, we’ve been presented with opportunities to “zoom” with other chapters and states, watching programs that we previously would never have had the opportunity to participate in. It has given us a chance to witness the power of technology, to feel the power of a united sisterhood, and a chance to share the talents of our members across chapter borders.

While this year’s virtual convention will be a new format for all of us, it will still provide us with the chance to “see” and celebrate one another. We won’t have the opportunity for the casual conversations with sisters we only see once a year or the late-night pajama parties with our chapters, although I’m hoping there might be some chapter zoom pajama parties on Friday night. There might be some glitches as we navigate through the technology required to move from one event to another, but I know that you will be patient with us.

The convention ad hoc committee, led by Dr. Nora Pollard, has been busy trying to dot every “i” and cross every “t” to make sure the convention is as seamless as possible. We are happy to welcome our International guest, Peggy Jonas, who will share updates from International. The $10 registration fee will be put toward our state scholarships, one of the things that is normally funded through our Friday night basket raffle. After looking into having an online raffle, we decided there was too much red tape and too many regulations to sort through in such a short amount of time. Since there won’t be any raffle tickets to purchase, we are instead asking everyone to consider making a donation to the Designated Funds. By not having the raffle for two consecutive years, the Designated Funds haven’t received the additional $8,000-$10,000 that would have been raised through the basket raffle. Two very important funds within the Designated Funds are the Stipends and Scholarship Funds. Both of these accounts allow us to award money to members for classroom projects or the pursuit an advanced degree. When you register, there will be one button to pay the $10 registration fee and additional button to make a donation. If you won’t be registering for convention but would like to make a donation, a donate button will also be on the home page of our website. No amount is too small. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

I am hoping that we set a record attendance for this year’s convention. Grab a comfy chair, a cup of coffee and join in the fun as we celebrate our new members, conduct business, see new officers installed, honor Rose, Key, Dedicated Service and Rosebud awardees, and mourn the members we lost over the past two years. Join us for the entire convention or for the times that best fit into your schedule. We are excited to be able to bring everyone together and to provide a time to stop and smell the roses.

We Can . . . and We Will . . . continue to make new footprints. It’s the only way we move forward.

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The Elizabeth M. Bozearth State Scholarship

DKGNJ was pleased to present the Elizabeth M. Bozearth State Scholarship to Ms. Lindsay Gooditis. It was the first time the scholarship received applications and was given in a number of years, so the Scholarship Committee would like to make its availability known to members. Elizabeth M. Bozearth, Beta Chapter, was the first president of Alpha Zeta State 1940-1942. This scholarship is in her memory. Her president's pin surfaced on E-bay and was purchased by Alpha Zeta State. It is entrusted to each state president in succession for the duration of her biennium.

  • Applicants must be members in good standing* in the Delta Kappa Gamma Society and have held membership for three or more years prior to the application deadline.

  • Applicants will be considered on the basis of their active local and state participation* in the Delta Kappa Gamma Society. Applicants must be accepted in a graduate degree program in an approved institution of higher learning.

  • Applicants must meet reasonable standards of general health, personality, scholarship, professional and community service, and also must evidence potentialities for future service to Delta Kappa Gamma Society.

  • Applicants' personal comments and references should show promise of distinction in their respective fields of study.

  • The next application due date is Dec. 15, 2021. Go to the DKGNJ website for information and the application:

The Elizabeth M. Bozearth State Scholarship Recipient - Lindsay Gooditis, Rho Chapter

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My name is Lindsay Gooditis and I am a member of The Delta Kappa Gamma Rho Chapter. In 2016, I was appointed the DKGNJ Rho Webmaster and have participated in our chapter meetings and events.

Throughout my educational career, I have earned a degree in Elementary Education and integrative STEM at The College of New Jersey. Starting in 2014, my teaching career began at Franklin Township School. After completing my Master’s Degree at The College of New Jersey in Educational Leadership, I was appointed Principal at Franklin Township School in August 2019. Currently, I am working towards my Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Centenary University.

Delta Kappa Gamma NJ has provided me with numerous opportunities. I am able to collaborate with other educators in the field, expand my networking at the state convention, participate in professional development, as well as many other opportunities. Most recently, I applied for and was awarded The Elizabeth M. Bozearth State Scholarship in January 2021. The money from this scholarship will be used toward earning my doctorate degree. I encourage all members to apply for this scholarship and participate in all that DKGNJ has to offer. I am honored and lucky to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

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DKGNJ Membership News

Irene Maskaly, DKGNJ Second Vice President, Membership Chair

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Welcoming New and Recruiting Future Candidates

As we look back at this past year and our current norm as a membership, we have experienced new challenges as well as new opportunities, meeting them head on in a creative and meaningful way. Zooming and technology are no longer challenges but integral tools in connecting with one another. Valuing our membership as DKG women has even more meaning now than ever!

Due to the pandemic, chapters’ have greeted new inductees as well as reinforcing relationships between existing chapter members by connecting electronically and through old fashioned communication. We’ve realized that rebuilding and re-energizing our chapters means building stronger existing relationships to ensure continued strength in sustaining current members and attracting new candidates for the success and growth of our organization. Making history with our first, and hopefully last, virtual convention this April we look forward to welcoming or newest members to our elite group of women educators.

Invite your newest inductees to be proactive and learn to network within the organization utilizing DKG’s many opportunities to connect with fellow educators for support, inspiration, and motivation. We are a global community, therefore introducing inductees to the website is a great start. Make sure they create an account with with their new membership number and then go a step further and update their profile/contact information under the “My DKG” tab. Under the Publications tab are the DKG Journal, Magazine, Newsletters and Presidents’ Page which offer inspiration to spark meaningful conversation for chapter growth. Encourage them to participate in chapter leadership positions tapping into their strengths and expertise, particularly if they are tech savvy.

Our upcoming International Conferences this July in San Antonio, Texas and Portland, Oregon offer opportunities to meet members with various backgrounds and interests to expand their horizon and work with others for meaningful change. Make your inductees aware that by taking advantage of the opportunities and connections with membership, they will see how leadership, along with active participation, can not only reignite their passion as an educator but empower them to change the world!

Revisit and rethink the categories of membership as to what positions qualify as “educational” or “professional” when you look for potential members to invite. It is never too early to start recruiting potential members. Possibly there were prospects who were unable to join or were recently discovered. Nurture these potential candidates as I’m sure they would welcome invitation. Membership is an honor that is offered by invitation from a local chapter. Therefore, it is more important than ever to not only invite new members but also to mentor and broaden their scope of what DKG has to offer. Under the Resources tab at are presentation and marketing materials (Videos, PowerPoints and templates) to orientate new members and inform existing members of the value of their membership.

To all our members, be well, continue to be diligent and stay safe. Looking forward to seeing you all soon at Convention on April 17th and 18th.

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Joining DKG...Did You Know?

DKG Membership Information

DKG membership requirements have changed. Membership is an honor that is offered by invitation from a local chapter. A candidate for membership must:

1. Identify as a woman.

2. Be employed as a professional educator at the time of her election, OR

3. Be retired from an educational position.

What positions qualify as “educational” or “professional”?

• Administrators—public and private schools

• Alternative-school teachers

• Art/Music/Dance instructors

• Classroom teachers—public and private

• Collegiate members (who meet the criteria described in the International Constitution)

• Consultants

• Counselors / Media Specialists

• School nurses

• Educators from Pre-school (PK) through university levels (16+)

• Head Start teachers

• Leisure arts teachers (Zumba, yoga, swimming, skiing, etc.)

• Master Gardener teachers

• Medical teachers

• Paraprofessionals: aides, assistants

• Religious teachers

• Trade-school teachers

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A Convention Like No Other!

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By Nora Pollard

In September of 2020, a decision was made to move forward with planning our 2021 DKGNJ state convention in a virtual format. President Ingrid Williams appointed an ad hoc committee to plan this event. Dr. Nora Pollard was appointed to chair the ad hoc committee with other members representing the major functions usually conducted at convention. The committee members included Angie Belmont, representing the Convention Committee; Carol Boehm, representing the Induction Committee; Michele Contala, State Photographer; Barbara Henderson, representing the Awards Committee; Jane Murphy, representing the Necrology Committee; and Carol Schwartz, Immediate Past State President. The ad hoc committee discussed many possibilities before deciding which of the many highlights of a typical state convention should be included in the virtual event.

A business meeting was a must have in the schedule. The business meeting will take place on Saturday morning as is typical at our convention. State President Ingrid Williams will preside over this meeting which will include presentation of the state budget for the coming year, voting on changes to our state By Laws and Standing Rules, and election of new state officers. Reports from state officers and committee chairs will also be presented.

State convention would not be the same without our beautiful induction ceremony. The tri-chairs of our induction committee are planning an induction ceremony unlike any we have seen before due to the virtual environment. They are working with the state officers to make this event as “normal” and moving as possible.

As many of our members are teaching virtually most days, the committee wanted to keep the screen time on the days of the convention to a minimum. To achieve this goal, a long discussion about workshops ensued. The final decision was to prerecord four workshops that will be available on-line to all those registered for convention. The password for the workshops will be provided to those registered. Any or all workshops can be viewed at your leisure and will be available for approximately 4 weeks.

Patti Rahn from Omicron Chapter will present “Experience Antarctica” allowing you to visit Antarctica without leaving your home. A little taste of Finland will also be provided by Argine Safari, Alpha Chapter, in her presentation “Adventures of a Fulbright Scholar in Finland”. Darci Erickson, Eta Chapter, will educate members about preparing for retirement during her presentation “Financial Wellness”. “Navigating the Education Maze” presented by Dr. Amy Fratz, Pi Chapter, will help guide participants through the special education maze.

Celebrating our members is another highlight of convention the committee decided to include. The Celebration of Life will be held on Sunday morning with beautiful live readings of the tributes to members who have passed. We will be honoring all those who have passed away since our last in-person convention in 2019. Other celebrations scheduled for Sunday are the Rose Award, the Key Award, the Rosebud Award, and of course, the Dedicated Service Award. The Past State Presidents will also be presenting their annual award to a chapter for their service project and the Scholarship Committee will present the Margret Able Scholarship. We hope everyone can join us as we celebrate our members!


The Dedicated Service Award and the Rosebud Award will be announced as

planned at our virtual convention in April.

I hope you will attend and join me in acknowledging our sisters’ accomplishments.

Barbara Henderson

Special Awards Co-Chair

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The 2021 DKGNJ Convention - Happening Virtually!

Saturday, April 17th & Sunday, April 18th.

2021 Convention Schedule

Saturday, April 17th

9:00 to 9:30 - Opening remarks by State President Ingrid Williams & greetings from our International Representative

9:30 to 10:30 - Induction

10:30 to 10:45 - Break

10:45 to 11:45 - Business meeting

11:45 to 12:00 - Break

12:00to 12:15 - Instillation of new officers

12:15 to 12:30 - Remarks from 2019-2021 President Ingrid Williams

12:30 to 12:45 - Remarks from incoming 2021-2023 President

Sunday, April 18th

9:00 to 10:00 - Celebration of Life

10:00 to 10:15 - Break

10:15 to 10:45 - 2020 Awards

10:45 to 11:15 - 2021 Awards

11:15 to 11:25 - Margret Abel Scholarship

11:25 to 11:30 - Past Presidents Award

11:30 to 11:45 - Closing remarks from International Representative

11:45 to 12:00 - Closing remarks from 2019-2021 State President and Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee for planning the virtual conference

Several components of the convention (new member orientation and workshops) will take place before and after the actual convention. Once you register, the appropriate links for each of these activities will be sent to you.

Registration for convention is $10.00. The absence of a basket auction for the last two years has reduced our Designated Funds Account by $8,000-$10,000. In order to recoup some of the lost money, you will have the opportunity to make a donation during your online registration, to the Designated Funds Account.

Registration information and instructions may be found on the DKGNJ website. Click on What We Do on the menu bar, and then click the link to register. Enter your name, chapter, affiliation, and email address and press submit. Then use the buttons to pay the $10.00 registration fee (and any donation you wish to make) online, ONLY IF YOU ARE USING A CREDIT/DEBIT CARD OR PAYPAL.

If you are paying by check, after you press submit, you simply mail your check to Jan Paxton at the address provided.

Once you are registered (and paid) you will be forwarded all links necessary to participate in the convention.

You can also register using the button below!

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Proposed Officers for 2021 - 2023

About The Nominees by Carol Schwartz, State Nominations Chair

Dr. Nora Pollard, Lambda Chapter, is the nominee for the position of State President. Pollard currently serves as the state’s 1st vice-president. She has also served as state’s recording secretary, state leadership development chair and co-chair, initiation co-chair, and co-editor of the state newsletter. Pollard had served as Lambda Chapter’s president, first vice-president, secretary, newsletter co-editor and publicity chair. Pollard is currently employed as a senior disability policy coordinator for Educational Testing Service. She began her career in education as a teacher of the handicapped. During her career, Pollard has been a learning disability consultant, county supervisor of child study, director of special services and an assistant professor of education at several universities.
Pollard shared her desire to lead, “ DKG has provided me with an abundance of opportunities to grow personally and professionally. During my 16 years of membership, I have filled many roles within the organization and have learned more about t(e organization and myself as a leader through each opportunity. I feel it is important for me to be able to give back to DKG by providing any service I can.

Irene Maskaly, Iota Chapter, has been nominated for the position State Organization first vice-president. She currently serves as the state’s second vice-president. Maskaly has served as the state’s recordings secretary, a member of the arts advocate committee, co-chair of rules & bylaws and educational excellence chair. She has served as Iota Chapter president, treasurer, and a member of several committees.
Maskaly was an educator of visual arts at Sterling High School in Somerdale, New Jersey for over 30 years. She has also served as admissions management at Hussian College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
In her application, Maskaly wrote, “The challenges set before us this year have strengthened our resolve to move this society forward using technology in creative ways we never could have imagined less than a year ago. Every challenge gives one the opportunity to grow, learn, share, and inspire others with newfound success. The women of DKG International have raised the bar for future inductees with their creative techniques to learn, connect, and communicate our mission: To promote professional and personal growth of women educators and excellent in education. As first Vice-President it would be my privilege to plan and create relevant programs to inspire our membership in their professional and personal lives.”

Annabell Boehm, Lambda Chapter, is the nominee for the position of the State Organization second vice-president. Boehm has served as the state SAP co-chair and Rules co-chair. She has served as Lambda Chapter president, second vice-president, world fellowship chair, rules co-chair, and SAP co-chair. Boehm holds certification as Teacher of the Handicapped K-12, Elementary Education N-8, Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, National Certification for Educational Diagnostician, Supervisor, Principal, and Superintendent Certificates.
In her application Boehm wrote, “ I am happy to help the new chapter chairs with their responsibilities. It is an opportunity to welcome new members and start them off on a positive footing.”

Dianne Papadinec, Iota Chapter, is the nominee for the State Organization recording secretary. Papadinec has served as Iota Chapter’s corresponding secretary.
Papadinec as has worked at Highland Regional High School in Blackwood for 31 years, first as a special education teacher and then as a guidance counselor, and Rowan College for 20 years in the Continuing Education Department. She is currently the treasurer for both the New Jersey Retirees’ Education Association and the Camden County Retirees’ Association.

Gail Starr, Omicron Chapter, has been nominated for the position of State Organization corresponding secretary. Starr currently serves as our state corresponding secretary and has served as the state newsletter editor. Starr has served as Omicron Chapter president, both first and second vice-president, corresponding secretary as well as treasurer. Additionally, she has been the chapter webmaster.
Starr was as educator for over 30 years. She has certification in special education, elementary, teacher of the deaf and as a speech therapist. In 1991, Starr was recognized as Teacher of the Year at the Little Egg Harbor Intermediate School.
In her application, Starr wrote, “ I believe membership In DKG is an honor, but it also carries the responsibility to actively participate in order to address our Society mission to promote the professional and personal growth of women and excellence in education. I recognize and readily embrace the need to do my part to help sustain the seven purposes of our organization through dynamic involvement with the programs, projects, and logistics of DKG at all levels of our organization.”

Ingrid Williams, Nu Chapter, has been nominated for the position of State Nomination Chair. Williams currently serves as State President. She has served as the state’s first vice-president as well as the state’s corresponding secretary. She has also held the position of the state’s finance chair. Williams has served a a Nu Chapter’s president and in the rules & bylaws committee.
Williams was a math teacher, department coordinator and senior supervisor at Shawnee High School in Medford, New Jersey. She retired after 38 years as a math educator. She also served as a trainer, validator, and test developer for the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. Williams served as a member of both the Math/Science Consortium of Burlington County and the Governor’s Teacher Adviosry Committee.
Williams wrote, “ It has been my pleasure to serve as your state president for the past two years. During my service on the state executive committee, I have loved meeting the talented, creative, and passionate members in our state organization. I have also realized the importance of flexibility! It would be an honor to continue my service by having the opportunity to seek new leaders that will keep DKGNJ ever-moving forward. I hope you give me the opportunity to serve as your Nominations Chair for the 2021-2023 biennium.
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Committee News

Finance Committee

At the January 2021 Meeting, the Executive Board voted unanimously to adopt the proposed balanced budget for 2021-22.

The documents below are for your information. The budget sheet showing both the 2020-21 and 2021-22 line items and the Designated Fund Sheet, whose “accounts” are supported through the convention Basket Auction. At this time, the committee feels that we are in good shape financially - the lack of expenses vs. lack of proceeds.
Normally, we would have presented these two documents to the membership at the spring convention. Since, that convention will be virtual, it is just as effective if the documents are published here for your review.

If there are any questions or concerns, you can certainly send an email to Gail Griffin, Chair.

Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee was pleased to facilitate the 2020 Leadership Conference. After multiple delays due to COVID-19 and holding the Conference in a virtual format for the very first time, we were able to gather on Saturday, October 17, 2020. Dena Breslin, CTACC, MSPAS, CHPC, certified by ICG and Creator at Dena B Coaching challenged our thinking with her presentation titled “The Lens and Language of Leadership.”

There were a total of 89 registrants with approximately 70 in attendance. After the conference, PD certificates were sent to those who requested them and an evaluation

form was sent to registrants.

The results of the survey were informative.

31 individuals responded to the survey (41.5% of the attendees).

Of those 31, 24 were retired members and 7 were currently active members.

9 attendees found the conference very beneficial (6 retired, 3 active).

19 attendees found the conference somewhat beneficial (16 retired, 3 active).

3 attendees responded that the presentation was not beneficial (2 retired, 1 active).

Over half of the respondents did not want to see a follow-up workshop with Dena,

Most of the individuals who were not interested in a follow-up were retirees.

In evaluating the conference it is clear that, as we move forward, it would be wise to

either work diligently to assure that leadership conferences address the needs of all of

our diverse members and/or focus the conferences on a specific portion of our

population and market them to that specific population.

We are preparing an orientation program for our new inductees which will be available prior to the 2021 convention. More information will be provided.

Margaret G. Niemiec, Ed.D., Jeanne DelColle, Ed.D.

DKGNJ Committee Chair Opportunites

It’s time to let us know whether you would like to contribute to DKGNJ on the state level. The committees and descriptions for the positions are listed on the form below.

Please make a copy so you can fill it in.

Please email the completed form no later than April 1st (no fooling!) to DKGNJ corresponding secretary Gail Starr:

The descriptions of the positions are also included below.

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News From Our Chapters

ALPHA Chapter

Amid the dark and crazy times of 2020, Alpha Chapter’s Jameelah Wright found many silver linings. In March, Jameelah learned that she would be awarded a fellowship from the alumnae organization of her alma mater, Douglass College, Rutgers University. The Julia Baxter Bates Fellowship was named for the first Black student admitted into Douglass College, and Jameelah was truly humbled and honored to obtain it. Also, as a result of receiving the fellowship, she was featured in the alumnae organization’s digital newsletter. A few weeks later, in April, she learned that she would also be awarded a scholarship from the Pi Lambda Theta honor society.

Also in April, Jameelah received word that a proposal she submitted for a webinar for the Council of Professional Recognition (CDA Council) had been accepted, and that she would be facilitating Finding Our Voices: Awakening the Inner Advocates and Activists in ECE Teachers in August. In the midst of all the madness on top of a global pandemic, such as the racial unrest and political strife, it was the small wins that gave Jameelah hope and kept stress and anxiety at bay. Towards the end of summer, she learned that a book to which she had contributed, The New Teacher’s Guide to Overcoming Common Challenges, would be out in October. Also in October, Jameelah opened an email from the American Educational Research Association (AERA) informing her that her paper “Drawing Conclusions about Writing in Preschool” had been accepted for presentation at the 2021 national conference. And in November, Jameelah was notified by the university that she passed her qualifying exams and was officially a doctoral candidate! She is looking forward to more small wins and silver linings in 2021.

BETA Chapter

This year has been especially hard on our reserve members, as many of them are not connected to electronic communication. We have been sending notes and cards letting them know how much they are appreciated. Then our Co-President Jo Ann Corvino got inspired. Even though Beta sisters are practicing social distancing, we can still spend time with one another. Beth Ann Richey (1970) was surprised by an outdoor visit from sisters to celebrate her fifty years in DKG. She is pictured below with her fifty-year membership pin. It was so nice to be able to finally see each other in person and reminisce about our experiences in Beta. Ann Saienni (1968), a fifty-two-year member, had a ninety-nine-and-a-half-year birthday celebration. We chatted through a glass door, sang Happy Birthday and shared Beta news. Sisters can’t wait to return in May for Ann’s one hundredth birthday. Beta will continue to develop methods of staying connected to one another and look forward to in person gatherings soon. But until then we will keep in touch and proudly wear our Beta mask that Jo Ann Corvino so creatively designed and made for sisters.

ZETA Chapter

Painting and felting - to learn something new.

Jigsaw puzzles galore - of our red, white, and blue.

Sunshine is deemed as our spiritual map.

An Amazon Halo graces a phone's Calm app.

Reader's Digest - a tea and a warm, cozy nook -

Perhaps a whole new perspective - an audiobook.

Innovative ideas to prepare a new meal.

Refurbishing furniture - such talent, and that's such a deal!

A theme a day in a class; a podcast of inspiration -

A new writing clinic - all to value education.

The blessed news of grandbabies...soon-to-be -

A wedding's bliss - so exciting; an extended family tree.

A jet pilot's dream; a meaningful donation to start -

Knitting for family and friends while being mindful at heart.

A crafting table with family - such blessings each day

The salt air enveloping a bike ride’s new way.

Learning more through a Master’s, diligently;

SLATE - a new game - playing competitively.

Retired with more time to play Pickleball

Perhaps some shopping around the outdoor mall.

The excitement of moving, and organizing one’s tasks

Writing poetry; Knitting afghans and making masks.

Positive perspectives and a deep-rooted connection -

Zeta chapter's women; our bond - pure affection.

Poetry by Jen Goodwin

Inspired by my many Zeta sisters

ETA Chapter by Jacqui Long

DelColle Named Executive Director of CFE

Jeanne DelColle was named the new Executive Director of the Center for Future Educators (CFE) at The College of New Jersey this October. The goals of the CFE are to recruit middle and high school students to the field of education and to diversify the teaching workforce. The CFE is the home organization for both the NJ Future Educators Association and the Tomorrow’s Teachers Programs. Jeanne is looking forward to working with high school students again and getting students excited about the field of education.

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LAMBDA Chapter

“Even during the quarantine, the Lambda Chapter is up and running. I look forward to the day when we can meet again in person. We are Sisters Standing Together,” our ever positive and diligent chapter president, Cathy Fortunato, continues to lead and guide us all.

We adjust and navigate Zoom for our meetings. More sisters are able to enjoy and take advantage of attending our Book Club meetings, as well as our four virtual programs. Susan Muniz provided "We the Women" in October; November, "Caring Contact"; January, "Virtual Teaching: Best Practices and Challenges" and March "Hearing Loss" with guest speaker Dr. Alan Gertner. Cathy reminded us: “I have attended DKG Convention workshops in Philadelphia, two webinars in DKG Tennessee, one fun event in DKG Quebec, and a DKG Forum in Arkansas.”

Miranda McMahon’s, attention to membership with numerous communications to prospects. Her idea for "Sister Buddies" thanks active educators with cards and will provide a panel discussion on virtual teaching for a Lambda sponsored program. Miranda's artwork "We" celebrates our connections as sisters and is highlighted on the 'Home' page of the Lambda website,

Joan Stuart initiated two successful projects, "Roses Fundraiser" to purchase masks and visors and the ongoing "Gift Card Club" for a fun way to donate to service projects.

“Sisters Standing Together” fulfilling the International initiative with Schools for Africa: Maria Sell, sponsor and liaison to Kilolo Secondary School in Tanzania, Africa directed the service project. We provided aid to “help girls attain a better education so as to fulfill their dreams” to the Kilolo Secondary School in Tanzania, Africa. A total of 462 girls were supported in their health and academic performance. Their sincere gratitude was presented in English translation and Swahili.

Additionally, Lambda supports funding for food and will offer book donations to the James O. Bryant Food Pantry, directed by Lambda sister, Wilhelmina Bryant. This year, in the most uncertain of times, the need overwhelms. Contributions have helped to comfort many families.

Lambda Chapter approved the Early Educator Award to assist aspiring young women who are in their final stages of procuring their degree in education. Most specifically, the EEA is intended to assist one fortunate recipient in obtaining her State Approved Instructional Certificate. Our EEA Committee members, Dr. Marilyn Gonyo, Dr. Nora Pollard, Kimberly Falcone, Gloria Girard, and Jan Narayan solidified an application and qualifications process. We aspire to award our first recipient Spring, 2021. Many generous sisters became patrons of this EEA, along with $500 allotted from our treasury.

Congratulations: Susan Muniz is accepted to become an 'active listener' in a 16-week training program with Caring Contact in Westfield.

Congratulations: Miranda McMahon and Felicia Querrey are submitting original artwork for the DKG International Spring Gallery.

Congratulations to Dr. Nora Pollard who is nominated for DKGNJ President and

Annabelle Boehm who is nominated for DKGNJ Second Vice President.

As we move in 2021, we are reminded more than ever, that We are all truly "Sisters Standing Together."

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LAMBDA Chapter Program

First Vice President, Susan Muniz organized the program “Teaching Virtually: Best Practices and Challenges” for presentation via Zoom on January 14, 2021. The panel discussion included five active educators. It was special to us as the speakers were all Lambda sisters, one of whom is recognized as a DKGNJ Induction Committee Chair, Carol Boehm, and four newly inducted sisters. The presenters were: Carol Boehm Music Teacher in Red Bank School District, Darlene Tammara Transition Teacher from Matheny School, Felicia Querrey Art Teacher from Matheny School, Lynn Rubinfeld Speech-Language Specialist from Piscataway Township School District, and Teresa Morelli Supervisor of Academics at Somerset County Vocational Technical HS and the Academy for Health and Medical Sciences.

Quotes from Lambda Sisters:

“What an ‘eye opener’ that amazing event provided. Boy, our sisters are certainly stellar education leaders on the forefront of this ever-changing landscape. I was so impressed and proud of them. Their teacher hearts beat passionately!” Barbara Glazewski

"It was so wonderful to be a part of it and I enjoyed listening to all of the different virtual experiences. It certainly takes a village and I love how we all learn from each other in order to give our students the best possible learning experiences." Darlene Tammara

""I thought last night’s meeting was terrific. I loved hearing our sisters speak about their experiences with virtual teaching. So much talent and dedication!" Joan Stuart

"Thank you, Susan, for organizing and hosting the virtual teaching program and to the presenters for providing the learning opportunities for our children. They are the sunshine and the hope during these confining days of the pandemic.” Michele Contala

The program was topical and most of all impressive. Each and every presentation was unique yet shared a commonality of all doing the best for their students. Kudos to our educators.

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Omicron President Diane Roberts conducted the chapter’s first virtual meeting on December 10th. Inductee Joan Pujol was in attendance. Joan, who presently coordinates volunteers for the Surflight Theatre, spent 40 years as an educator in the Dumont School District in Bergen County. Joan joins new members Robyn Catalano, Joan Melega, Cindy Omelzuk, Beverly Skodi and Taylor Sprague, who were inducted into the Omicron chapter in October.

Joanne Hill was honored at the October meeting with a 40 year Milestone Award for her dedication to Omicron and the DKG organization.

Patti Rahn recently shared the adventures of her trip to Antarctica to members of the Nu chapter via Zoom. Patti also presented the highlights of her amazing trip with her Omicron sisters at a chapter meeting last year. A special thank you to Patti for her willingness to share her experiences with all of her DKG sisters.

Congratulations to Robyn Catalano on the birth of her third child, a son, born on February 11, 2021. Robyn is a pre-school teacher at the Robert C. Wood Early Childhood Center in the Little Egg Harbor School District.

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Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws and Standing Rules

At the state meeting on January 9, 2021, two changes to the DKGNJ Bylaws were proposed to the executive board and approved to move forward to the membership for a vote at the state convention. We are asking all members to familiarize themselves with these proposed changes prior to that vote. If you have any questions, please contact State R/BL chairs : Dr. Barbara Glazewski ( or Annabelle Boehm ( prior to the convention.


Article IX.C.f: (Committees and Appointments) “Communications/Circulation-appointed; chapter representation required” was amended to read “Communications-appointed; chapter representation required” because DKGNJ no longer has a Circulation Chair.

Article IX.C.1.d.1,f.1, k.1 and l.1 and IX.C.2.d.1 and l.1: (Committees and Appointments)

…”The committee shall consist of a state chair…” will now read …”The committee shall consist of a state chair or co-chairs…” to make them consistent with other committee descriptions.


Article 4.1: (Finances) “The annual dues for Alpha Zeta State shall be $15, which includes $2 for convention and $1 for the state newsletter” was amended to read “The annual dues for Delta Kappa Gamma NJ shall be determined by the Finance Committee with approval of the Executive Board. The annual dues amount will include any assessments deemed necessary for the good of the organization, such as convention, scholarship, etc. because rigid amounts written in the rules offer no flexibility to allow for increases needed to maintain the fiscal responsibility to the operating budget.

Article 4.2: (Finances) “The annual scholarship fee for the Alpha Zeta State shall be $0.80 per member” will be omitted because it is no longer necessary.

Article 10.1: (Publications) “Members who wish to receive hard copies of the state newsletter may do so. Chapter presidents will submit a list of such members to the Circulation Chairs annually” was amended to read “Members who wish to receive hard copies of the state newsletter may do so. Alternative methods of distribution will be made by the chapter president” since we no longer have a Circulation Chair and this Rule was in conflict with the Bylaws, which already noted that alternative methods would be made for members without Internet access.

These proposed amendments, none of which have a budget impact, will be presented to the membership for approval at the April DKGNJ annual convention business meeting .

DKG: “Opportunities, Contributions, Impact.”

The theme of this year’s Conference in San Antonio, July 22-24, encourages us to take advantage of the many opportunities to make contributions and have a positive impact on our society. Join us for this Conference in a perfect place for a reunion with our DKG sisters - after some very challenging times. This beautiful city is a destination for so many with its famous Riverwalk and charming sites. We’re always told that everything is bigger in Texas, and this conference is no exception!

You can register right now by going to and clicking on Events and then on San Antonio. Don’t forget to make your room reservations at the beautiful San Antonio Marriott River center. That link is also on the Delta Kappa Gamma website.

Keynote speakers will include: Becky Sadowski, Dianea Phillips, Eva-Marie Kangro, and Wendy Gates Corbett.

A preconference workshop sponsored by the Foundation will be held on Thursday, July 22. You will “Experience Historical San Antonio.” The kick-off welcome reception will be held that same evening with yummy desserts and a chance to reunite with our sisters. Friday and Saturday will provide full days of sessions, keynotes, and more.

And don’t miss out on these additional opportunities:

  1. Be a vendor in the Marketplace. Contact Belinda Clift at or Tracey Crawford at

  2. Be a sponsor or having an advertisement in the program book. Contact Dr. Debbie LeBlanc at or Candi Martin at

  3. Be a volunteer. Contact Kay Stuart at:

  4. Be in the chorus on Saturday night. Sign up online at

For More Information, contact: Dr. Debbie LeBlanc at:

or Candi Martin at:

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