Tech Tok Lunch

Jeff and Ann are trying to save you some time again....

Google Everything!

Are you busy and tired already this school year?

Jeff and Ann want to feed you lunch (thanks to KK) so you can learn some Google tips and tricks guaranteed to save you time. Let's work smarter and not harder with technology!

Think of it as a kind of "speed-teching".... (like speed dating, but you come away with something you actually want).

You can simplify your life with faster Google searching, Google Docs tips, Chrome extensions, Auto-on, and more. We promise you haven't heard of all of these.

We will provide baked potatoes (with meat option), veggies, and desert.

Thursday, Oct. 3rd, 12-2:30pm

B102 Lab

During all lunches

You must RSVP in order to attend.

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After you RSVP, Ann will send you an email reminder closer to the event.

Time Savings Guarantee!

Jeff and Ann will prove an hour of time savings to you, or your money back.

Just think of all the extreme ironing you can do with your extra time!
Extreme Ironing