The War of 1812

The war has just ended, and we are working harder than ever.

Blast From The Past, what was happening?

Starting in 1812 and ending in 1814, the War of 1812 left great devastation. There were 15,000 American deaths and roughly 8,000 British and French deaths from battle or disease. The cause of the War of 1812 was because the British didn't like the French trading with America, and the French didn't like the British trading with America. The British slowly started finding ways to pick on us, and eventually blocked off our ports, raided our villages, and took sailors as hostages. This was the last straw, so the House of Representatives voted 79 to 49, the closest vote to declare war in history, and the War of 1812 began. To make things worse, the Indians teamed up with the British and they got weapons to use against us. So we teamed up with the French. The effects of the war left lots of damage. The President, Thomas Jefferson, is the person, along with his secretary, James Madison, made this war happen. Andrew Jackson was the Major General of the United States Army. Harrison Gray Otis was leading the Federalist statesman and he was a delegate to the Hartford Convention recently.

A word from the Journalist

I am the Journalist of 1814, and I am disappointed in this country who wanted war because imagine if we didn't want to go to war? Then we wouldn;t have so much devastation and deaths. The French could've beaten them off with a stick, why didn't we let them do the dirty work for us instead of the British make us roll in the mud with them. But it is too late for that, all we need to do now is rebuild what has been broken, and become stronger!

- The Journalist of 1814

What's happening Now?

Shout Out For Help!

The war left 15,000 men dead, and hundreds of houses burned or destroyed! We need help so we can rebuild houses! Donate to our charity the War of 1812 Foundation and help out with our local marathon every day this week to rebuild houses, the 7 days Week Challenge! Thank you!

We are the Journalists

We are the Journalists of 1814, and we are here to let you catch up with what's happening in modern day life.

The War of 1812 Foudation

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