My Personal Mount Rushmore

"I speak the truth,and only the truth."

A little about Mount Rushmore

Carved in the granite of Mount Rushmore are four presidents.They are George

Washington,Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt,and Abraham Lincoln.These presidents

were chosen by Glutzon Borglum.The location is near Keystone,South Dakota.The president

carvings were finished in 1941.If I could design my own Mount Rushmore I would have the faces

of the following people,who are important to me,carved into the granite: Alycia(my

B.F.F),Sevanna (my other B.F.F),my mom,and my dad.

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The first person I'd put on my Mount Rushmore

The first person I would put on my own Mount Rushmore is Sevanna Gewinner,my

friend.She is my best friend and helps me with math,problems,etc...We have the best times

together and she's like a sister to me. Sevanna steps up for me and if I'm sad she makes me

feel better.I hope we're friends forever!

The second person I'd put on my Mount Rushmore

The second special person I’d put on my Mount Rushmore is my other friend , Alycia

Gage.She’s loyal and trustworthy and doesn’t lie. Anyone would want her as a friend!If I’m feeling

down,she helps me out.I hope she’s my friend till the end!

The third person I'd put on my Mount Rushmore

The third person I’d put on my Mount Rushmore is my mom,Jessica Allison.I’d put her

because she taught me right from wrong.She teaches me how to cook and bake.My mom also

teaches me about the generation before me and in the future.She gives me advise when I have

a problem.She taught me respect for her and for others.

The last person I'd put on my Mount Rushmore

The last person I would put is my dad,Shawn Allison.I’d put him on my Mount Rushmore

because he helps me with homework.He makes sure I’ve bathed and fed.My dad helps me with

tough decisions.One funny thing he does is pat his belly hard which makes it sound like a drum.

Well,to wrap it up,these are the people that I wrote about. Sevanna Gewinner is my best

friend who helps me with math. Alycia Gage is also another best friend who makes me feel

better when I’m sad. Jessica Allison,my mom,teaches me respect.And Shawn Allison,my dad,

helps me get through tough times.They may not be on the real Mount Rushmore, but they are important to me.