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Reading Classroom for grades 6,7,and 8

Week in Review 12/1 - 12/5 *6th Grade*

Sequencing was our targeted skill this week. Since we all know how to sequence fairly well, we took it a step further and talked about metacognition. Metacognition is thinking about our own thinking. It's tough to stop your brain and think about what it's doing. Think about all the steps it takes for your body to breathe. If you had to review each movement before you took each breath, you wouldn't have time or energy for anything else. It's the same with some of these basic reading skills. How do we know how to sequence? What are our thoughts as we sequence? What skills did we need to access (example - prior knowledge)? What vocabulary were we looking for? What punctuation helped? If we can name the steps and/or strategies, we can consciously call on them and go off automatic pilot when we're reading a tough passage.

I was so impressed with how many journals came in early this week. Wahooooo! With my busy personal life schedule, I didn't get to all of them as early as they came in, but I appreciate the efforts of my students. :) Thanks parents who helped with that scheduling!

Week in Review 12/1-12/5 *8th Grade*

Retelling is one of the most powerful skills for reading comprehension. Sifting out what's most important and why it's essential takes a thinking brain. For our retelling of The Outsiders, we're adapting James Kennedy's 90 Second Newbery Book Challenge and making sock puppets plays retelling The Outsiders that come in under three minutes. Now that's a challenge! The students have to think of the major scenes and the underlying themes that drive those scenes. Characters and their motives have to be examined. Lines and ideas need to be condensed and combined. Whew, those are high level skills. All that brain work is balanced off by the fun creation of the sock puppets. Keep in mind the grade is from the script and the reading during next week's performances. The puppets are not graded, so I have been encouraging my 8th graders to put most of their time and effort into those and not worry about the puppet. With that said, I do have to admit that some of the puppets are quite creative.

We also took the final paper test on The Outsiders this week. It will be a span of time before I get those graded. Even though we have been tested on the book, we still have a few other activities centered around the book as well as the puppet performances next week.

Mark Your Calendars

Dec. 9 - turn in final script and puppets (8th gr.)
Dec. 10 & 11 - puppet performances (8th gr.)
Dec. 11 - Santa's helper meeting after-school (optional) 3:30 - 4:15ish (8th gr.)


Our Featured Reader is CADEN VAASSEN!

I like the author, Gary Paulsen. He writes his books with lots of details, and he writes about wildlife. I read the SYLO series by D.J. MacHale. The SYLO series is about war. Even though they're different, I like both of them the same. I prefer to do my reading in little bits of time, but if I'm in a good book, I like big chunks. I don't like to listen to people read to me because I can't understand the book as well as if I'm actually reading it.

Communication Avenues

Phone - 723-6425 ext. 240, there is a voice mail option
E-mail - zabell@lancastersd.k12.wi.us


There are many resources to be used for success at LMS.

If you need a calendar of today's homework, try the Remind site or the school's website.

If you would like to see books,the LMS library catalog is on the school's website under the student tab. The Schreiner Memorial Library (Lancaster's public library) has a website that gives lots of information on their collection, the Southwest Wisconsin Library System collection, the library hours & events and a link to Overdrive for the online collection.


If you need to contact a LMS staff member, look in the staff directory of the school's website.



As part of my attempt to use more technology and to add another way to give an opportunity for student success, I have joined other staff members in using the website Remind. It will give you the homework for the day on your phone or computer. Each student was given a handout with the ways to log on to my page of the Remind website.

Option #1 - Download the Remind app. (it's free) Enter class code @1addd for 8th grade students. Enter @02507 for 6th grade students.

Option #2 - Use this link: www.remind.com

Option #2 - phone number 510-292-4948 then the 8th grade class code is @1addd and the 6th grade code is @02507

I would appreciate feedback on your use with the Remind site.

Read Alouds

6th Grade = Z-Rex by Steve Cole

8th Grade = The Pack by Elisa Carbone