Your Survival Guide

How to survive a zombie apocalypse!

Your supplies to survive

You will need the following:

Backpack, water, food,clothes, games for kids,electronics,pet supplies,baby supplies, lights, pillow, blankets, radio, shoes, jewelry, money, flashlights, first aid kit.

That's all the supplies to survive a zombie apocalypse!!!!

Tips to survive a zombie apocalypse!

1 Stay inside unless you have to go outside for a very important reason.

2 Stay away from windows and doors.

3 Get all the people in the house together.

4 Lock all doors!!!

5 Have your survival kit ready just in case.

6 Keep your television and radio on

7 Don't let the zombies see you.

Last but not least number 8 the most important:

NEVER LET A ZOMBIE IN YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That your tips of how to NOT die! So if you haven't already gotten your survival kit be sure you get to making it! The last thing I have to say is...............