Third Grade Newsletter

December 1, 2016

Dear Parents,

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.


In math we are working with standard measurement and using a ruler to measure to the nearest ¼ inch. We have also been working on basic facts and will continue to do so everyday. Your child needs to master 40 addition facts in 2 minutes by winter break. If your child does not meet this goal they will be required to complete an addition sheet with 100 math problems EVERY night.


Science class is showing us how to use the metric system instead of our standard system of measuring. We are learning to measure linear measurements using the meter and centimeter. Next, we will weigh objects using grams and kilograms. There is a lot of measuring going on!!

Reading and Writing

In reading and writing we are finishing up our informational reading and writing. The students wrote their own informational book and we are working on publishing them. In reading we will be reviewing skills and they will take a test soon. We will then move to doing more reading skills. We will begin a letter unit. Your child will bring home a paper soon that they need to write down their mailing address. I would also like for you to add an email address for you that we can send a practice email. Thanks so much.


The year seems to be moving very quickly as we head toward our cold days of winter. It is a good time to check and see if your third grader has all their needed winter gear for the snowy days ahead. ☺ Our school policy says if it is 40 degrees or below your child MUST wear a coat outside for recess, not a sweatshirt. We want to keep them healthy!!

Important Information!

Please look over your child’s daily assignments and ask them about their day. Many skills are taught each day and some can be difficult. Having your support to encourage your child to succeed by reviewing or re-teaching skills will greatly benefit them!

Please send earphones/earbuds with your child if theirs have broken! We use them everyday and our classroom extras are dwindling!! Also, check with your child to see if they need glue sticks or pencils. Thank you!

We do not do a gift exchange in third grade. Instead, the students will have Winter Mitten Buddies. This activity is especially fun when everyone keeps the identity of their Mitten Buddies secret. This is how it works: each student will secretly draw the name of someone in the other class. Each day they will give the person something by secretly placing it in their buddy’s mitten. We will make these in class. We will discuss and begin each activity here during writing time. This is what they need for each of the days:

Thursday, Dec. 15 - Complimentary note about the Buddy

Friday, Dec. 16 - Homemade “happy winter” snowflake card

Monday, Dec. 19 – A riddle about who you are

Tuesday, Dec. 20 – A homemade edible treat and reveal identity

We are looking forward to this activity. The students get to give a little of themselves and have a lot of fun trying to guess who has their name. There will be a reminder letter sent later.

Our Winter Party is planned for the morning of Dec. 22nd. Students on the committee will plan the party and notes will be sent home telling you what your child has volunteered to bring.

Calendar of Events

December 7- 12:30 Dismissal

December 22 - 12:30 Early Dismissal

December 23-January 2 – No School (Winter Break)