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Crestomere School - Grade One - February Newsletter

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow! January flew by and look at us now .. we're over half way done the year! January was a great month filled with the hustle and bustle of skating, having the Alberta Opera perform, having crazy hair day, and starting our school wide handball tournament!

Looking ahead, February should be another awesome month! Finishing skating, swimming, Twin day, and our February break should make for a fun time!

In order to succeed, you must first believe that you can!

Important Dates

Tuesday, February 2nd - Finn's Birthday :) Happy Birthday Finn!

Friday, February 5th - PD Day for staff - no school for students

Monday, February 8th - Miss Schmidt away

School Council Meeting - 6:30 pm

Wednesday, February 10th - Twin day! Spaghetti hot lunch day

Friday, February 12th - Progress reports sent home

**Valentine's Day party - family skating day (10:30 - Lunch time) - More info to come

Saturday, February 13th - Josiah, Madisyn's, and Micalah's Birthday :) Happy birthday to all of you!

***Monday, February 15th - Friday, February 19th*** - no school for students

Thursday, February 18th - Addison's Birthday :) Happy Birthday Addison!

Monday, February 22nd, Wednesday, February 24th, Friday, February 26th, Monday, February 29th - swimming lessons - more info to come

Wednesday, February 24th - 100th day of school!

Thursday, February 25th - Hot dog hot lunch

Just a note...

Just a heads up, I will be away on Monday, February 8th for a PD course!

What's coming for the month of February...

Language - Word Study

For the month of February, we will be continuing with SMART start to build our word recognition. It is so awesome to see the kids looking back to the beginning - they are so proud of themselves for how far they have come!

Language - Reading

For the month of February, we will be continuing with blends and segmenting words. We will also be focusing on visualizing and how it ties into our 5 Senses Science unit :)

Language - Writing

For writing, we have truly became AMAZING authors!! We will be moving on from beginning, middle, and end and will be focusing on writing short fictional stories. Making sure we have correct conventions of course! :D


From now until the rest of the year, we will be reviewing our addition facts but we have moved on to focusing on subtraction to 12 for this month. With this, we will still be working on skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's as well. We will be doing math games and activities to practice these skills :)

Please, please, please take the time to review math with your child at home! I promise it will pay off!

Science & Social Studies

We will be continuing to learn about our 5 Senses and also will be starting the Building Things unit! I am beyond excited to teach this unit (as it is one of my faves!). Please stay tuned for more info!

For Social Studies, we are continuing with weekly class meetings and will also be looking at what are some of our responsibilities.

Health & Life Skills

For health in the next couple months, we will be relating our daily work to working cooperatively in groups and also having good stamina when it comes to working on certain tasks independently.

Winter collages!

Attention Future Kindergarteners!

Know a little one ready for Kindergarten? We are know taking registrations for the 2016-2017 Kindergarten year! Please contact Ms. Thrun at the school for more information :)

Valentine's Day fun skate!

Please join us for a fun family skating day on Friday, February 12th from 10:00 am - Noon. Everyone is welcome to come skate as long as they have proper equipment. Maybe a half ice parents vs. students hockey game? :)

After we skate we will be making our way in for lunch, you are more than welcome to bring a lunch and join us! Looking forward to seeing you then!

If anyone is planning on bringing treats (other than valentine's) for the kids, please let me know :)

Parent Section :) FYI!

January review ...

Want to make sure your child is on track? Please help ensure your child can successfully do the following on their own:

-adding to 12

-beginning subtraction skills

-beginning addition and subtraction language (definition of addition and subtraction and the language used)

-recognize and print numbers to 20

-can describe and apply the counting on, make 10, and doubles addition strategies

-write 3 simple sentences (for example - I can see a brown cat playing) using the smiley sentences checklist!

-can recognize and create rhyming word pairs (eg. cat and hat)

-can apply the beginning, middle and end aspects of a story to one of their own

  • Beginning: introduces the characters in the story and the setting
  • Middle: introduces a problem a character/characters must overcome
  • End: introduces the resolution to the problem and wraps up the story

We help each other out .. in some way .. every single day :)

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We have reviewed the following addition strategies to help us with our adding!

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Snowman making contest focusing on teamwork! They all won :)

A good chart to refer to!

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Class list for Valentine's