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Tom Cacko

Plessy v. Ferguson-More than just a decision on court?

  • Plessy v. Ferguson was a Supreme Court decision in 1892 when Homer Plessy,a man that was seven-eight European but by Louisiana States law considered him "black", bought a first-class ticket for a railroad and refused to sit in the "coloured" section. The case had a huge impact on the further treatment of racial segregation and eventually led to separated schools,bathrooms etc.
  • Plessy's sue got refused as the court argumented with the doctrine "separate but equal",which meant that the people of different skin colours could be separated as long as they get the same rights,which unfortunately was not the case at that time.

Child Labor -Profit over health

  • Throughout the progressive era kids had to do hard work in factories, doing jobs which were life threatening for a long time every day and very low to no wages. This aspect of the economy gave the businesses a huge boost during the progressive era.
  • A solution to this issue was hard to find and in the 19th century labor organizers and reformers tried to prohibit child labor but what it really took was a market crash, as adults got all the jobs over children during the great depression.

Political cartoon-Hugging a delusion

This cartoon refers to the issue of women not being able to vote during the progressive era. It means that women are hoping to vote one day but won't if they just keep hoping and don't do nothing. This cartoon is intended to tell women that are not active in the fight for their rights to staND up and do something about it and it may lead to exactly that result.

Ellis Island - The first station to a new life

I chose this topic because I think it really was one of the more interesting facilities during the progressive era. It is fascinating how well it was organized in terms of handling the huge waves of immigrants and they certainly prepared them good for the life in the US with good medical check and the registration as a legal citizen of the United States of America.