The Adventure For Perseverance

Axel Aguilera May 2016

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the ability to not give in or lose, and to not be afraid to fail again.

Eleanor Roosevelt and Winston Churchill's Speech (Compare and Contrast)

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Stephen KIng (Description)

Stephen King was a man with lots of power in his time of egoism. One could say that he was a king for the ones who savor the art of horror. He would be their true lord and savior in his Dark Tower of malicious jubilance ...But, like everyone else, no one starts off as a prominent beast. He was an author with a troubled past, which is what normally happens with famous people who were once visionaries. This then led him to his fame and glory later on, but he had a different past that makes him different than other authors. Stephen was abandoned when he was a child by his mother, father, and his brother. After being left alone for a long time and being left with nothing, he grew up being afraid of many things, such as insects, people, and "squishy" things. These fears have grown up with Stephen and altered his way of thinking and involvement in society. Even if he had many fears which made him deranged and hysterical, he turned his ideas into book plots and had mustered some of the greatest horror stories, such as Carrie and The Shining. This was the moment where people started to enjoy the horror genre more and were breathless with the suspense and tension that make his stories separated from everyone else. However, even though lots of people were interested and fascinated with his work, most of the stories never sold as much as other authors, and some never even sold at all. Despite this, he still overcame his adversities and began to transcend everyone's expectation with vast ideas and more writing ability. Today, the adversities that he went through negatively impacted his career for a while, but overall made him one of the best authors of horror and one of the darkest of humans.
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Stephen King

Jackie Robinson (Cause and Effect)

Jackie Robinson was the first black player to play in the MLB. This was a very important landmark in the discrimination of blacks, since there were only sports teams with white players. However, Jackie being on an all-white team was the catalyst for all of the hate that he would have to endure from local baseball fans due to his skin tone. The effect of Jackie being a black player in the Brooklyn Dodgers is that, obviously, he was not very admired by the audience because he was on, and made, the first multi-racial baseball team that has been allowed into the Major Leagues. This was a futile decision from everyone considering that there was still segregation in that time period. He was mocked because of his skin color (which is the main reason for the irrelevance of any disruption between whites and colored people), and was discriminated by his playing ability, idling the fact that he was a very exceptional player. At games, he was secluded from the rest of the team. He sat alone at the dugout, he was never near a white man, and was booed once he was up to pitch. He was bombarded with the racist comments from everyone, calling him the n-word, and just any opinion which can affect a black man's life forever. This was not the case, as he was affected by none of this, which showed his tremendous amounts of perseverance to the crowd. He finally changed everyone's perspective on multiracial baseball teams and if this is an inadequate idea, which then led to multi-racial sports teams, which changed sports forever.
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Jackie Robinson

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg (Sequential)

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg is a famous musician who has experienced many adversities to get where she is today. This all stared with her picking out the violin and becoming a musician. Once she played, she firstly thought insufficiently of herself and as a violinist. She was going to her lessons, and once her teacher said she would not tutor her if she didn't practice, she obliged, and decided to stop playing for six months. Those six months were the worst six months in her life. Shortly after, she was getting less in shape and not ready to play as gracefully and professionally as she did before she neglected the violin. After a while, she got the motivation and security from her peers and family, and continued to play the violin. Later, she entered a musical competition which would test her limits and make her a better musician overall. Once competing, she started to become more fluent in her technique and was confident that she could win. Unfortunately, her house then burned down. She wasn't very fond of her alertness at that moment. She had been informed, however, that she has moved further into the competition. Later on, her moped exploded, and once her landlord had enough, she got evicted from her apartment. Once she was informed she made the finals, she was very nervous and didn't think she could win anymore. A fellow acquaintance who also competed has made them split apart and has become enemies with her. She won the contest overall, and got the idea to play internationally. Even while she played around the world, she still got negative feedback from everyone, regardless of her playing fluency and her as a human being. Whatever the case is, she has improved on her capability of the violin and made her someone who showed perseverance to achieve triumph.
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Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg

Merchant in Sandy Road (Problem/Solution)

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Lesson Learned

The lesson that one could learn from perseverance is to never give up, give in, or quite, despite the challenges that could get in the way. Many do not persevere, and are unsuccessful. The reason why they do not do this, or even care, is still a mystery, ever since the beginning of mankind. There are countless signs, ways, and representations of this, and there are also some famous people who are mostly known to have plentiful amounts of perseverance, such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson, and Winston Churchill. Perseverance can help one like they helped people prior to them. Perseverance is the motivation and inspiration for one to keep doing what they're intending to do. Perseverance is definitely interpreted for everyone, and may end up failing one instead of being triumphant in the long run. No matter the reason, perseverance can help or harm someone's condition, but can help one become successful in the end.