Drawing Conclusions

Who am I?

Who am I and how do my skills and talents help define me?

My skills and talents help define me because I define Myself as a unique person.

I just have a very imaginative and creative mind and I take advantage of it to find my uniqueness. I don't see myself as a normal teenager, I am a very weird but, to be honest I like to be like this. I like to be myself and just stand out from the rest of the crowd.

How do my relationships within and across groups affect others?

My relationship with others is very interesting. I say this because I am a bipolar person, sometimes I am happy then all of the sudden I'm mad or upset. I actually feel kind of bad for my friends, because they have to deal with my mood swings. But other than that, I'm a nice person, and I get along with others very well.

How do I relate to my family, community and society?

I relate to my family by the fact that we have the same opinions for almost everything. Us, as a family, we love to travel a lot. Another thing that I like that we can all relate, is our taste for music and food. The fact that we are human and we have the same blood its the most important thing that I can relate to them.

How do I read to gain skills, knowledge, and wisdom?

To be honest, I'm a big reader, but the problem is that I don't read actual BOOKS. What I mean by that is that I read, but in my phone with an app, which is called Wattpad. This app has a bunch of stories that I love to read, I read them to gain more knowledge and skills. By reading I help myself to understand more words I've never heard before.

What generalizations or principles have I discovered about my own reading?

The generalizations or principles that I have discovered when I read, is that every time I read something I stutter with some words and I cant pronounce them like its supposed to be. The weird thing that I have noticed, is that when I read in my mind I read perfectly fine. When I read out loud I cant read perfectly, I just keep stuttering. This is the reason I prefer to read in my mind, than out loud.