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Pastor Vana Byaruhanga

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About Glory of Christ!

Glory of Christ Nursery and Primary School located in the Rakai district of Uganda. The school was established in February 2008 by Pastor Vana Byaruhanga who saw a need with children in the community.

Located in Kyotera Town in the Rakai district, Glory of Christ Nursery and Primary School exists as a safe place for children who have suffered because of the AIDS epidemic. AIDS has claimed the lives of many parents and adults of this town, leaving children to fend for themselves. Many of the families in this area are child-headed families where a child of 12-14 will take the role of parent to his siblings. Other children are raised by their grandparents, who are elderly and do not have sufficient resources to provide for a family. Many of the girls and boys have been defiled sexually which has promoted the spread of AIDS.

Glory of Christ Nursery and Primary School was formed by a local church in the area. After fully realizing the mistreatment and undesirable situations that children endured, members of the church discussed and exchanged ideas of the best way to help them. The members unanimously agreed to start a school for them since this would make it easy to provide physical and medical care as well as educating them. By providing medicine that helps infections and treats HIV (Septrin and ARV), Pastor Vana and the church made it possible to educate and nurture them spiritually, to grow them into productive people.

Today, this primary school provides education, a safe place to live, food, and medicine for close to 400 children. As the number of students grow, the needs of the school grows, however the needs are not beyond meeting. In the two terms of 2011, the school was able to provide adequate food, education and medicine at cost of $10,000USD. This includes provision of daily food for nearly 400 students, salaries for 11 workers, and the rent for the land. This works out to being nearly $1000/month.

Currently many of the needs have been paid for through local donations, fundraisers, and contributions of other organizations. Mercy Seed is now involved in providing funds to this School. On April 3rd, Mercy Seed sent its first contribution to Glory of Christ Nursery and Primary School for $100USD, with more donations to follow.

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