The Sun

By: Kendall Hilliard

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The Layers

  • The core provides most of the sun's energy through nuclear fusion.
  • The radiative zone carries the energy of the sun mostly through thermal radiation.
  • The convective zone carries thermal cells to the surface through convection, where they cool and become more dense.
  • The photo-sphere is the layer of the sun where visible light from space is blocked out to the other inner layers of the sun.
  • The chromosphere gives the sun the sun its red-ish color. The light is given off because of its temperature is so great.
  • The corona is ring of plasma surrounding the sun that gives off a white glow.


Auroras are light formations seen over northern parts of Earth that are caused by spikes in the solar cycle. They are quite beautiful and are a popular tourist attraction every ten to twelve years when the solar cycle is at its peek.