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Day 1: PERU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PERU! IS located around the north west part of Brazil. In Peru, their type of economy is a free market economy, meaning that you get private ownership of your land, profit is your motive, and there is little government involvement going around.
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Peru people like farming with Alpacas.
Even though Peru's economy is a free one, there's also disadvantages to being so free. Being so free without the government involved would mean even if you don't have your basic needs, no one can control it. But on the bright side at least you're free!! And you can have you're own business! Just make sure it doesn't go bad??
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DAY!!! 2!!!! Cuba.

IT's pronounced Cooba.
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WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CUBA YOU ASK?? Cuba is located directly south from Florida. Moving it closer to the equator, resulting in the area being hot.
CUBA HAS SOME PRETTY RAD sugar cane farms.
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Check out these cool sugar canes.
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This guy seems pretty angry about sugar canes.
The type of economy Cuba has is a STATE CONTROLLED economy! Which is basically like a command economy. The government is in control. You don't get many choices in life, you own things usually from the government, and most of the things you do are going to be government involved. Even though this is really limiting, at least ya'll don't end up doing something crazy when you're free.
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Check out this Cuban flag.

Day. 3. Germany!

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Germany is located in Europe.
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Germany's economy is a social market economy. Basically a mixed economy. Letting you do things mostly under government approval and to keep things in balance.
The great thing about this is that you have a little bit a freedom! The bad thing is that being too free can be bad, or being too controlled can be frustrating???
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