My Trip to Nebraska

Luke Manty

About My Trip

Early August my family and I took a trip to Omaha, Nebraska.

The family members in the trip consisted of my mom, my brother, my aunt, and my 3 cousins. We met up with even more family later on during the trip.

The reason for traveling 14 hours to Omaha was to visit my aunt and uncle and spend the week at their house on the lake. Our favorite part about the trip is getting to use my uncles boat and water skis.

An Intresting fact about the trip is we stopped in Des Moines, Iowa for a day.

Connection to Science #1: waterskiing

When I'm in the water the boat begins to pull. As the boat speeds up I lean back and create an upwards force. In reaction water is forced under the ski's creating a downwards force.

As long as the boat stays above 20mph I will stay above water.

Connection to Science #2: Bean Bag Toss

Bean bag toss is a game possible by Sir Isaac Newtons 1st law and gravity.

Newton's first law is an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless external force is applied to it. When I throw the bean bag force is applied and the bag is launched in the air.

This is when gravity comes in, as the bag travels it starts to dip down due to gravity. The bean bag stays in motion until it connects with the external force, in this case it is the game board.

Now I Wonder...

Is there a 4th law?

Can you be to heavy or to light and not have the same experience on waterskis?

Are Newtons Laws true 100% of the time?

How dense is the water beneath my ski's?