Sammy's Art Supplies and Paintings


Painting Canvases

Sammy painted canvases and sold them so, people can get her canvases that she painted.Last week she had $48.Over the weekend she received money for her canvases.She now has $72.How much money did she recieve over the weekend?
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Sammy and her friends at the store

Sammy and three of her friends went to the store to buy art supplies.After they got their art supplies,they saw they saw the bill and decided to split the bill up evenly.If each person paid $14.28,then what was the total bill?

Art T-Shirts and Paints

Sammy wants to buy an art t-shirt,for her to use in art class.She has at most $20 to spend for an art t-shirt.She bought an art t-shirt for $10 and spent the rest on paints.How much money she spent on paints?

buying canvases

In a store there are canvases.If a canvas costs $5.00.How many canvases can a customer buy with at least $100.00?
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Reason why I choose Sammy's art supplies and paintings

I chose the title Sammy's art supplies and paintings because I go to art class in school for one of my electives.I go to art class every school day,except Saturday and Sunday.