Bacteria Busters

By Hannah Annas

Food borne illness

Food that is not properly prepared or stored can cause many illnesses. These illnesses are called food borne illnesses. Food borne illness can range from the severity of a cold to very deadly. Certain precautions can be taken to prevent them. These include; cleaning, cooking, chilling, and separating.


Cleaning can prevent many food borne illnesses

By cleaning all of the surfaces in the area where you prepare food, washing food properly, and cleaning the containers you store the food in you can prevent many food borne illnesses.


By cooking food you can kill many germs that cause food borne illness

When cooked at at least 165 degrees all germs on food will be killed.

Safe cooking temperatures


Chilling food can stop the growth of bacteria that causes food borne illness

Bacteria grows faster in warmer temperatures so you should keep food refrigerated properly.


Separating food can prevent food borne illness

By finding the proper containers to store different food in and labeling them you can prevent food borne illness.