Making a Calendar

Using Spreadsheets to create a Calendar

1. Complete

be sure to complete all lessons on spreadsheet in

2. Create a "To Do" list for project or activity

In GClassroom- Open Assignment- Add- DOC

In your Google Doc- you will type your list of ten things to do.

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Write your numbered to do list. Here is an example:

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3. Create a One Month Calendar

In GClassroom- Open Assignment- click- Add- Sheet

Open your Google Sheet and start creating your calendar:

  1. Choose a month for your project or activity. (any month is fine)
  2. You will need to know how to format cells and make the calendar easy to read.
  • Format Cells by adding borders
  • numbers for the days of the week
  • Merge top boxes to add the month you chose
  • center align text for days of the week
  • Bold your font for Month and days of the week

3. Type the steps of your project or activity on the days you plan to do them.

Proofread your spreadsheet/calendar!

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4. Turn in!

Turn in GClassroom

  • you should have a GDoc
  • and a GSheet
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