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Instructional News - Nov. 2015

iReady Diagnostic Testing

iReady Diagnostic Testing Window - Monday, Nov. 30th - Friday, Dec. 18th.

ALL Students need to complete the Diagnostic Screening during the Testing Window!!!

Preparing for the Diagnostic:

STEP 1 - Schedule Computer Access Time

The sign up sheets for the computer labs are located outside the Computer Lab

door. You may also use your grade level's chrome books for testing.

Grades K-1: Two - three 15-20 minute testing periods per subject

Grades 2+ : two 45-minute testing periods per subject

STEP 2 - Prepare your students

***Show the Diagnostic Testing Video!!!


*Explain how the test results will be used

*Explain that each student's test is unique

*Encourage students to take their time and try their best

* Remind students to use paper / pencil for the Math diagnostic

*Explain that test breaks will appear at different times for each student (grades K- 8 will have short games to play).

Step 3 - Gather Supplies Needed & check roster for accuracy

Students will need paper and pencil for the Math Diagnostic

Step 4 - Monitor during assessment

Step 5 - Review the Results

HOTS - Higher Order Thinking Skills

Are you challenging your students to extend their thinking?

Here's a freebie to support higher order thinking skills (HOTS) in your classroom! There are six pages of question stems (one page for each level), plus a storage label. Enjoy! From Positively Learning - Teacher's pay teachers.

Instructional Leadership Goal

We are all continuing to grow as professionals. One of my professional development goals is to be in classrooms more often! Hopefully getting in classrooms more will help me to grow as your instructional leader. I know you all have wonderful learning opportunities happening everyday and I want to be able to enjoy the experience with you and your students. I have already made it to a few classes and have seen wonderful teaching and student engagement. I hope to highlight those experiences and learn from each of you along the way. I am looking forward to seeing all the exciting things that are happening in our school.