Joshua Tree

by Josh Heitert

Did you know Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most interesting National Park. There are many places you can camp. There are many hiking trails and more.Plus we have a cacti farm and the main attraction, the many Joshua Trees

Joshua Tree National Park, a hot park, was founded in 1994 by Minerva Hoyt. It was found in Twenty-Nine Palms California. She named it Joshua Tree because there were many Joshua Trees there, and they were the main attraction many people went there just to see them.

There are lots of types of animals and plants in the Joshua Tree National Park, a National wonder, There are plants such as tree cacti etc. There are 5 lakes at Joshua Tree National Park. It is also home to birds, lizards, ground squirrels, snakes, bighorn sheep, rats, kangaroo, coyotes, and black-tailed jack rabbits as you can see many animals leave to come here.

Do you know what Joshua Tree National Park, a sandy scene, is made of and how big it Is? It is 1234mi2 . It was made by two deserts being connected together strong winds blew the sands together and then animals moved to make homes there.It is made of the two deserts and contains many animals and plants.
now you know more facts so you can agree. In conclusion Joshua Tree National park is one of the most interesting National Parks