Even though I have had my share of troubles in my life, I have never had the misfortune of being hungry. I don’t mean my stomach rumbling when I have a late dinner or missing lunch one day. I mean going days without a meal, and not knowing when the next meal will be served. Because so many people are suffering, I wanted to volunteer to serve and feed those in my community who don’t have enough money to purchase food.

From that point on, I have become an active member in the Ball Ground Community Cupboard. This is a non-profit organization that feeds families who can’t provide their families with food. While shopping for food for the families that I deliver food to on Saturday’s, the topic of health came up. There is such a limited amount of money to spend on food for the families, so they can’t have organic foods. Instead poorer families typically receive genetically modified foods. GMOs are typically frowned upon by others and have negative connotations. Therefore I decided I wanted to put the time into understanding GMOs and see if the risks of GMOs are worse than the benefits.

Genetically Modified Organisms are a hot topic in society. It is relevant because globally dominant countries have adopted GMOs, and it has worked in their favor. However, there are some countries that believe there are risks to GMOs that make them to harmful for humans to have access too. Therefore I believe this topic has both positives and negatives which makes it controversial.

Throughout my project I will express my argument in different types of format in order to defend my argument. In my first genre, I have written a research paper in order to formally present information about my topic in an organized way with little commentary and more factual evidence. For my second genre, I explained the statistics I found on my genre in a visual and clear way. In my third genre, I highlighted the misconceptions of genetically modified organisms through a magazine article, and in my fourth genre I created a journal to document the personal thoughts of someone suffering from hunger while trying to provide for their family. I also have comic strips that use a visual aspect to transition from each genre.

The process of this project not only helped me to display the information I had found, but also learn new information about this topic. By doing all the research, I found myself wanting to share what I had learned with my friends and family. This project gave me such passionate ideas and feelings about a topic that I would have probably never researched before being assigned the project.