Hate List

Jennifer Brown


Have you ever had a day that didn't go as planned? Or maybe a whole week that didn't treat you well? If so, imagine a whole semester of school with everyone hating you and talking bad about you all because of someone else's mistakes.

This is exactly how Valerie had to live her senior year after her boyfriend, Nick, opened fire in the school cafeteria making targets out of the kids on Valerie's hate list. Nick shot and killed several kids as well as teachers. When Valerie tries to stop Nick she gets shot in the leg. After realizing what he has done, Nick shoots himself to end it all. Valerie awakens in the hospital after the accident and has to learn to accept that what she thought was only a nightmare, was real life.

She spends her whole summer in therapy and visiting Dr. Hieler, her psychologist, to make sure she was "okay". Valerie spent her summer sitting at home alone, constantly thinking about what happened at school. When the next semester starts she dreads going to school especially after seeing classmates who were attacked during the shooting. She has to find a way to make everyone believe that she had nothing to do with the shooting. During Valerie's adventure of earning back respect from her school she comes across strange encounters and enters into even stranger friendships.


The setting of the book is in the high school, Garvin High, In the small town of Garvin County. The book takes place during the summer and first semester of the 2008 school year.


Valerie- Main character in the book. She is a very insecure, nonsocial teenager going through a very hard time after her boyfriend shoots several kids at their school.

Nick- Valerie's boyfriend who opens fire at his school after being bullied and picked on for too long. Nick was a very low, non-caring character that was always in trouble or doing things that should not be done.

Valerie's mom- Very minor character. You don't learn very much about her except that she is one to jump to conclusions and to always think the worst about any situation

Valerie's dad- Minor character. Doesn't really do much in the book. He was a lot calmer when Valerie was in the hospital than Valerie's mom.

Frankie- Frankie is Valerie's brother. He and his sister get along pretty well most of the time. Ever since the shooting their parents have not payed much attention to him because they are to worried about Valerie.

Dr. Heiler- Phycologist that really helps keep Valerie from going over the edge. He is a very understanding guy that teaches Valerie a lot of ways to cope with the stress of her surroundings.

Personal opinion

I really enjoyed the book! I loved how the author would write about after the shooting or in present day of the shooting and then go back to show how events led up to this moment. The way Jennifer brown wrote this book really made me enjoy reading and made me never want to set the book down.

Hate List has a good amount of romance like telling about how Nick and Valerie meet, action from chapters of the shooting, and mystery that keeps you glued to the book! If you are a teenager or older, no matter what genre of books you like, I highly recommend you to read this book!

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Marie Brown (born May 11, 1972) is an American writer best known for teen fiction including her novel Hate List (2009). She also writes fiction under the name Jennifer Scott.