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iPhone 6 should have Ulysse Nardin kinetic battery computer

iPhone 5 battery life generally is fairly poor, and even though it has a lightning charging connection that does quickly charge it also drains quickly indeed when playing games or watching videos, and then when it's time to produce that essential call the iPhone dies you. Therefore Apple should do some thing different for the iPhone 6 and utilize the Ulysse Nardin kinetic battery tech.

Forget the ridiculous Ulysse Nardin Chairman phone costs that could reach the pocket for $130,000, it reaches this price point since it includes diamonds and gems as well as a $3000 case package the phone is available in that also acts as storage and a speaker dock, we just need to talk about the devices kinetic energy it uses to charge the phone just using action.

There's surely a means that Apple can incorporate this into the iPhone 6, not only will it provide you with vital charges for a couple of minutes it also appears spectacular as well and adds that course of engineering on show.

We don't mind the iPhone 6 being a little thicker than the iPhone 5 especially when it gives the fashionable search of the technical art of a rotor that may produce kinetic energy to deliver supplemental power to the device. The iPhone 6 may have style, type, engineering beauty in working action, consider obtaining the iPhone 6 in your head and all others seeing the kinetic rotor going though you're walking etc, vision chocolate at its best if you ask us.

This could also open the doors for other business since the rotors might be customised for people, consider if we had an iPhone 6 with the kinetic rotor saying iphone6discount.org engraved about it. Apple can still launch two new iPhone 6 models with a and a 4.8-inch present, all they would should do is make it only a little larger to accommodate the rotor.

It's always good to have that additional battery life, we all know that kinetic energy using movement would not give you enough battery power to play movies or games, but it'd most surely give you enough charge if your phone died to make/receive calls or send texts.

Do you consider the iPhone 6 would look excellent along with being useful if Apple involved a energy rotor on a corner?

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iPhone 6

Apple has announced that it will release the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 6 in June 2013. A lot of people think the iPhone 6 will not bring anything substantially different things with it.The iPhone 5 was some sort of a disappointment for a lot of people.