Animation Project

Alex Reames

What are the steps in making an animation and what information do you need to learn before making an animation?

What will I be doing for this project?

In this project I’m going to try and create and learn more about the process of making an animation. So I’ll go through making a storyboard and then go through designing what characters I may have to. I’ll learn more about animation tools like Blendr in order to help learn more about the process and what it is like. I wanted to do this to see if I like animation and learn if it is something I might want to go into in the future. Even if I do not figure if I would want to go into this for a career, I still think it would be a good experience to learn more about how to use tools like Blendr or Photoshop to make different kinds of art whether it’s animation or graphic design or illustration.

Project Purpose and Thinking Involved

I wanted to do this project to learn more about animation. It's something I've thought about doing for a career so I wanted to know if I really liked it before going into that. Then this will take a lot of thinking because I will have to teach myself how to use Blendr which can be very complicated.