@ the DeLong Library

This is the plan...

This is the staff newsletter of the DeLong library. Each month (I hope) you will hear about one book, one tech resource, and one good idea and what is happening in the library. Feel free to share information with your students and their parents.

Library this week

This Week:

K-Started checking out books. They are overjoyed!

1st-We have been working on what illustrator's do. We have studied Lois Ehlert, Steve Jenkins, Kevin Henkes, and David Shannon.

2nd-They received their new AR levels, made AR bookmarks, and received their new library cards.

3rd-We have finished alphabetical order to the third level. We are now working on parts of a book.

4th and 5th-We have been having trouble with cyber bullying all ready this year. I'm going to start Digital citizenship and Internet Safety early this year.

Next Week:

We will read a nice holiday story and hopefully have a calm library. 4th and 5th will continue with Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety.

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OPEN LIBRARY 2014-2015


3:00-3:25 PM



Open Library Expectations:

1. No more than three students from each classroom at a time. Students must wear open library necklaces to be admitted to library.

2. Students must finish both library books and take AR tests on both before getting new library books (One for 1st grade and Kindergarten.) I want open library time to be a useful time for readers who really need books and not just a time to get out of class and fool around in the library.

3. Please don’t send kids to checkout library books other than open library times. I often have classes or am helping someone outside of the library (If a student really needs to come down please set it up with me.)

DeLong Library Hours

AR Testing: 8:35-8:55 Monday thru Friday

Open Library:

Tuesday 3:00-3:25 PM

Thursday 9:00-9:30 PM