The Ideal Gas Law

By Amanda and Elizabeth

What is it??

The basic understanding of it is that it is the only way to find pressure, volume, and temperature. It also is a way to find out gas is present.

Who came up with it:

There was not just one person who came up with this law there where many different people who discovered this law of gas. Robert Boyle, Jacques Charles, Joseph Louis's Gay "Lussac", and Amedeo Avogradro are those people.

Real gas behavior becomes more tangible...

Example of the equation...

Temp: Find the temperature from the 250ml cylinder containing .50 moles gas at 153kpa.

V=250ml >250/1000=0

250L, n=.50 mol, p=153

Kpa, R=8.314 JK-1 mol-1

Temperature (T)= PV/NR



Temp (T) = 9.2K