Technology Tweaks and Tips


Randolph County Schools' first technology newsletter.

The technology department will be publishing a monthly newsletter that will have a wealth of information about apps, equipment and other cool stuff. Please give it a glance and see what interest you.

Top Apps for March

Our School Websites

Teachers, remember to update your teacher website. We need to be communicating with our parents and students and our teacher websites provide an excellent medium. If you still have not gotten an email from James Cobb please contact him.

Helpful Hints that might make life easier.

Trying to Access the Apps Store or update apps. Remember to make sure you are connected to the Internet by going to several websites first and keying in you username and password (when at school).

Can't get on the Internet or PowerSchool. Make sure your plugs on the wires are plugged in good to the computer and the wall.

Keep this in mind. Some websites work better in Internet Explorer. Some work better in Firefox and some work better in Chrome. What works the best for you and your needs?

Don't forget to teach your students proper Digital Citizenship.

New Projectors

Several teachers have received new projectors. If you have any questions about the use of your projector you may see Mrs. Crittenden, Mr. Bailey, or Mr. Cobb. Remember, the quickest help may be next door.

Technology Inventory

Teachers, Staff, and Administration. We are currently conducting an inventory of our technology equipment. This inventory will include any laptops (old and new), iPads, Projectors (installed and or sitting in a closet not being used), Smart Boards, Mimio Boards, etc. Most teachers have filled out a room inventory. If you have not please do so by March 7th.