Developing Countries

How can healthcare and housing be improved?

What is healthcare like in underdeveloped countries?

Healthcare is not good in underdeveloped countries. It can be improved greatly. Many hospitals only contain a few beds, and staff is limited. Staff is not trained well and only have general knowledge. The hospitals dont have life-saving equipment because they dont have the funding to purchase it, Many of the hospitals are only given basic medications and vaccines. If more things were supplied death rates could be lower. If everyone helps, there is so much that we can do to help these countries!

How can healthcare be improved in underdeveloped countries?

To start off many things can be done to improve these countries! Non-profit organizations could send money to the countries, to help. Medications could be donated to help these hospitals because many can't afford them. When hospitals in developed countries get new equipment and beds the old ones could be given to underdeveloped countries because many only have few beds and old, worn out equipment. Many simple vaccines could be provided, many of the vaccines are life saving. But often the people go without them. To further the shelter and comfort of the patients a new hospital could be built from donated materials. New technology could be introduced because if it is many peoples lives could be saved. Today in developed countries we only have the newest technology. To teach the staff, doctors from developed countries could go to the countries for a period of time to teach the staff more, detailed care. As well nurses could go along. Medical students could complete their schooling by going to an underdeveloped country to help with the care because they will know alot more. These are just some improvments of many we could make in healtcare to improve the quality of ife in underdeveloped countries.

What is housing like in undeveloped countries?

In the next 25 years, 2 billion people will add to the growing demand for housing, water supply, and sanitation. This challenge for housing takes place in many countries that live in poverty. Many families can't afford proper housing or materials. If families can afford housing many areas are too dangerous. Housing is often made in the cheapest possible way. Efforts are often made to build housing but supplies that will make a strong, durable shelter that will last are not provided. This is because people do not make very much money and the government has a budget.

How can we improve the shelter in underdeveloped countries?

Many efforts are being made to improve shelter but much more can be done. Alot of countries dont have good quality of life, like Canada. Canada has everything anyone could ever need from wood to tape and free healthcare down the road. Underdeveloped countries dont have things like Canada. Here we can go to the store and buy wood that has been cut and treated already, but in other countries people who hardly eat and dont have fresh drinking water have to go out in the hot sun and do everything. To save the efforts of having to do all of this other developed countries can donate wood and other building supplies so that the people dont have to spend days gathering supplies when they often only make a couple dollars a day. Relief workers can go help. Regardless if a natural disaster has occured there is still plenty of work to do which would mainly include re-building houses as well as new ones. People should volunter to help people create something as small as a one room livng space that is sturdy and will keep them safe. Many people are not as fortunate as us would love to know that atleast people can donate materials and come help re-build their homes to help them atleast be safe at home.

Work efforts?

We can also help healthcare and shelter by providing supportive jobs. Many people can be trained just as easily as people in developed countries but they dont get the chance to. Factories can be build in underdeveloped countries to give these people a second chance of life. If more jobs were provided we could easily turn an undevelopd country into a developed country. Providing jobs could change peoples life when they live in poverty. If someone was given an actual job where they could manufatcure parts, stay inside, be in shelter, not face dangerous conditions outside, we could completely change the country for the better. If people in poverty were given jobs in a factory they would be safe and would recieve an actual salary instead of working the whole day to make a couple dollars and just barely survive on it. This would give people the opportunity to save money and start a life for themselves. If money was saved it could go towards hospital beds, equipment, medication, clothes, proper food on a daily basis and eventually even a brand new home. It takes one simple think like adding a factory to change those peopes lives around.
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