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I would like to talk more about the logistical side of the day to day running of my class, later on I will communicate more details about the academic side of my class and other things that are happening in our classroom and around the school.

Arrival and dismissal.

All children arriving on the school bus or being brought into school each day should be taken directly to the Junior bus hall. Please be reminded that the drop off time is 8:20 am on-wards. No children are allowed to enter the Nest or be left in the playground. Please pass your child to one of the teaching assistants on duty. At no time should children be left unattended in the Nest nor should they be allowed to walk freely unsupervised around the school or sit in classrooms unsupervised.

Year 1 classroom registration begins at 8:30 am onwards and the teaching assistant will escort the class to the Nest. New door procedures are now in place which prevent access during certain times of the day. If you are later 9am please report directly to the main reception office.

At 3:30 pm you may collect you son/daughter from the junior bus hall. This time will change to 4:45pm when your child starts our extra curricula activities program.


We have a very strict uniform policy at Wellington, which is equally modelled in my class.

All these uniform including bags can be purchased from the uniform shop.

Daily uniform:

For the boys it is white polo shirt, black trouser navy blue socks and black shoes. Regarding P.E uniform they wear black and orange shirt and shorts as well as trainers.

For the girls they wear the pleated tartan dress with sleeves, navy/black socks and black shoes. No open toed or long boots are allowed. Regarding P.E uniform black and orange polo shirt and skirt as well as trainers.

On P.E days Year 1 students have to come into school dressed in their school uniform. Their P.E kit must be in their ruck sack and they will change in the changing room. If your child needs support with dressing him/herself I would suggest that you practice this very important skill at home. Once the lesson is over they change back into full school uniform.

Any child who forgets or does not come in the correct P.E/swimming kit will lose a house point. In addition to this Mr. Mcgrath will notify me. If this becomes persistent, then the head of Junior Mr. Brian Allen will contact the parents of that child.


During the hot months all children must wear a school hat. We operate a No Hat, No Play rule. Please make sure your child's name is clearly written inside.

School bags.

Your child has 3 bags. The ruck sack (brought everyday) is for your child to carry their water bottle. The book bag (brought everyday) will be where we place home readers, student communication diary, notes and homework. The drawstring bag is your child’s swimming bag. Again these can be purchased from the uniform shop.


You would not beleive the amount of time spent looking for lost property so please, please, please label very clearly your child's clothes.

Daily routine.

Every day, when your child comes to school he/she will go directly to the Junior bus hall to be met by the teaching assistant who will escort the class to the Nest. Prior to entering the classroom they take out their student communication book and any other notes which the teacher needs to look at. They will also turn in any homework if set. He/she is then responsible for taking out their water bottle and putting away his/her belongings (coat, backpack, book bag) into their assigned locker.

Water bottle.

Its thirsty work in our class so please send you child to school with a suitable water bottle that does not leak. Unlike Reception we do not have cups, instead the students fill their bottles up from the water dispensers, something they do independently.

There are many types to choose from but the best types are Sigg bottles, which you can find in most department stories in Tianjin. Also Lock Lock is another good brand of water bottles. Also lock lock or Camelbak are all good sturdy brands suitable children.

Most of these bottle can be purchsed quite cheaply in Da Hu Tong.

P.E and Swimming days.

Please note on swimming and P.E days Year 1 Kingfisher class have to come to school wearing their school uniform.

Swimming is on Wednesday so please ensure your child brings their swimming kit. Inside their swimming bag they should have the following;

  1. towel
  2. goggles
  3. swimming cap

If your child is ill and can not swim I require written notification via e-mail. Equally so if your child forgets his/her swimming kit then they have to watch from the poolside.

P.E is on Friday so please ensure your child brings the correct P.E kit. If your child is not wearing the right kit for P.E he/she may not be able to take part and can only watch.

Home school reader.

Your child will bring home an Oxford Reading tree book that has been leveled towards your son/daughters reading ability. It is essential that this remains in your child’s bag everyday as myself or my TA will read with your child during the week. As a guide you should read with your child for 15 minutes everyday.

Library day.

Each Tuesday your child has an opportunity to visit the Nest Junior library with their peers. It’s an essential aspect of developing emergent reading and language. Your child will have an opportunity to browse all the books and independently select a book that they would like to read or have read to them by their parents.

They are allowed one book which can be kept for a week, and thus returned the following Tuesday.

Our library also has a listening center where children can listen to their favourite stories as well as story sacks and a puppet theatre so that the children are immersed in language.


Every week your child will bring home his/her weekly spelling. The spellings your child receives are those identified for his/her level. The first approach to spelling will be a look, cover, write check sheet. A sentence book will accompany the book and your child will need to choose 3 words and use these words in 3 sentences. It is important that they write these as independently as possible.

The other approach is spelling city an online website which you will be able to login and search for my name Adam Tesdale. Once there you can locate your child’s spelling, list and it will set your child an oral spelling test based on the spellings I input. I will talk more about this during meet the teacher.

Parent/teacher communication diary.

This is a useful means of communication between teacher and parents. Please use it to write notes to me, which I will always sign, and date to acknowledge I have read it. Likewise I would appreciate it if you would do the same if I write something to you.

Please understand I am extremely busy and as such I am not in a postion to write daily reports about every indivdual child in the class. If something is of worry to you please make an appointment to see me.

I check my e-mails daily so the best way to get hold of me is via e-mail.

If you have not already done so please send me a test e-mail with your child’s name in the subject so I can save your e-mail address.

Parent/teacher communication diaries will be collected in daily so again ensure your child has it in his/her book bag.


Any notes or important letters from the teacher/school will be sent home in an envelope. Could I also ask you to do the same if you have an important note for me to read, which you can place in the book bag.

This year I am trying to save the planet by moving towards a paperless class so I will e-mail much of my communication to you. For example this flyer will go via e-mail.

Class blog.

One of my great passions is sharing all the wonderful learning with you and as such I have a class blog. Its a great way of finding out about what we are doing and adding some comments. I look forward to talking about this more with you all.

A proud tradition. Educating for the future.

Mr. Tesdale

Head of The Nest

Year 1 Teacher

Wellington College International Tianjin, China