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I sent home progress reports yesterday. Thank you for viewing, signing and returning. Most of the entire class is progressing very well with learning. Please note, a progress report is considered a reflection of how well a student is "currently" performing academically. Overall, I am impressed with the results of the progress reports.

With that being said, if your child has scored anything below a "B" average it is because he/she may be "earning" C's or less on a couple of assignments and/or tests.

Here's the details... just in case you were wondering... "all" of the end-of-the-week assessments are inputted into the gradebook. However, only a couple of assignments/activities are recorded per week... like 1 or 2 grades because from the beginning to middle-of-the-week we are mainly learning, practicing and/or reviewing objectives/skills. The students know that I expect them to always strive to do their best on all assignments and tests given. Students that have a strong desire to learn, self-control, respect for the learning community and submit classwork/homework on time (to the best of their ability) regularly will earn "learning points". Basically, this means that if students meet the mentioned criteria and happen to score low on an assessment/assignment occasionally perhaps because of a bad day will be given extra points if needed on an assessment/assignment to pass.

By the Way...

In mid-October, there will be another round of district assessments. Please support your child's learning by your continuous efforts of positive encouragement, monitoring his/her homework and making sure your child is on-time and at school daily.

Speaking of assessments, just a few days ago... the students took the Unit 1 Math Post Test and the learning growth compared to the beginning of the school year was phenomenal for the vast majority of the students. I will be sharing with you your child's assessment results individually as well as some other things at our upcoming parent-teacher conferences. This will be scheduled in October. Phone calls will be made soon.

If you were inquiring about what are the plans for Halloween... the details will be emailed and/or sent home soon. I've been told that the school usually have activities in place and planned for the students... so there will not be a party in the classroom.