Wild Fires

It's a Hot Issue!

The Issues

What issues do we have when a wildfire strikes? Which ones are huge issues? Well, for starters the smoke the fire gives off is a big issue. It pollutes the air which isn't healthy for not just humans but plants and animals too. Another main issue is that sometimes the fire can be very massive and wipe out a lot of trees. This is a main issue because animals and humans need plants to survive.

Of course, the negative effects would be it burns our plants and destroys the wildlife that live in the forest or region. If winds get out of control it can affect human homes and cost millions of dollars to repair the damage. Some main areas that unfortunately get affected by wildfires are mountains in California, Arizona, and Colorado. Wildfires occur mostly in the West. Wildlife that are indigenous to the area include deer, elk, rabbits, foxes, bears, birds and plants. How are is the wildlife affected by wild fires? The wildlife would be displaced or killed and/or their food to survive will be reduced or destroyed.

The Affects

Yes, it affects our lives if we want to go to the national park that is destroyed by a wildfire. We don't have wildfires like the west but we have fires known as "brush fires" that are usually in grassy areas. A local brush fire would affect our environment and people who live in League City because we would be breathing in the smoke. This is especially a problem for folks with asthmatic issues and both the young and elderly.

The Solutions

Wildfires are caused by the environment naturally unless humans accidentally or purposely start them. Humans can reduce the risk of starting wildfires by learning the proper ways to put out a campfire. Smokey the Bear promos on TV and computer is an excellent method to teach people.

Me, myself, and I believe that some ways to prevent a wildfire from starting would be, use proper disposal of flammable products that you use. You cannot prevent wild fires from starting but you can prevent the human side of starting a wildfire.

Let's ALL listen to Smokey!

Wildfires can destroy homes.
Wildfires can displace or kill livestock and wildlife.

Wildfires destroy the food for animals.
Yes, folks... ONLY WE can prevent wildfires!