Motorcycle Mechanic

By: Caleb Kildow

Why I Chose This!!

I chose motorcycle mechanic because I love to fix things and I love to fix things that I love to do. For Example, I love to ride anything with a engine!

I Would Need...

I would need to go to the Associate of Applied Science Program (A.A.S.). The A.A.S. is a 2-year program that offers students in-depth preparation for becoming a motorcycle mechanic. Students enrolled in an A.A.S. degree program will get the chance to have hands-on experience with motorcycles. One or more general education courses are also required in topics such as English, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
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The Money!!!

A Motorcycle Mechanic makes from $24,000 and $36,000 based on experience and knowledge. Motorcycle Mechanics earn a pay level of about $34,000 each year. Of course, if you were up high in the industry and say you worked for Kawasaki, the lowest paid mechanic earns $21,030 and the highest paid mechanic earns $51,650 a year.

Where Should I Live?

Motorcycle mechanics are needed all over the world, but the most common places are in California and Florida. Plus studies show that you will make more money working as a motorcycle mechanic in California than living anywhere else.

What are my responsibilities?

Motorcycle mechanics are classified as small engine mechanic. They are responsible for a range of maintenance and repair issues for motorcycles, motor scooters, all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, mopeds, and just about anything with a small engine.

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