Jean Piaget

Father of Genetic Epistemology

Jean Piaget is most remembered for his work with children & creating Genetic Epistemology.

Genetic Epistemology is the study of the origin of knowledge. Jean Piaget created this theory in 1973 after six decades of naturalistic research. He determined that there were four primary cognitive structures that each child experiences as the develop.

He was the first psychologist to make a systematic study of cognitive development.

Jean Piaget's research impacted the fields of education & child psychologists. He affected other psychologists such as Seymour Papert & Alan Kay. He helped explain the mental processes of children & how they differ from the mental processes of adults.

His research introduced detailed observational studies of cognition in children.

Jean Piaget helped further the understanding of child behavior. He created a series of tests that could determine different cognitive abilities. His theories helped show that children have a completely different thought process than adults, & dismissed the assumption that children were less competent than adults.

Jean Piaget affected his time period by showing that child behavior was a completely separate study.

Jean Piaget was limited due to the time period he was born in. Since he was born in 1896, his research was mostly done in the mid 1900's. This mean he did not have any access to technology & computers, which would have both his research & tests faster, & also more accurate.