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Essential Oil Chemistry - Why You Should Use doTERRA CPTG

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils provided by nature and bottled by doTERRA International. This video will explain the many complex chemical constituents and compounds found in the oils of plants from around the world. Why harvest from a particular area? Because the climate, soil and other environmental factors make a difference when plants are harvested at the proper time where they grow naturally. We have partnered with growers to enable them to live a better life by providing a steady income for their families, while they take care to harvest at the optimum time when the plants are at their peak performance for total therapeutic benefit. Dr. Robert Pappas, an independent chemist with expert knowledge and experience in essential oils, will also explain how testing is done before an essential oil can truly be considered 'therapeutic'.
Dr. Robert Pappas on Essential Oil Chemistry

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Wellness Advocate - Essential Oil Educator, IPC

Catherine Calogrides, Wellness Advocate, Essential Oil Educator and Independent Product Consultant, can assist you with questions concerning our products and the many beneficial uses for everyday life. Essential Oils in your home will give you all the tools you need to enhance the well-being of your family. Throughout history, essential oils have been used as man's first food and medicine. They were used successfully by nurses treating soldiers during WWII and now they are coming into more recent popularity for people wanting an alternative, safe, natural product to promote and support wellness for themselves and their families. You can have these wonderful oils in your home so you are prepared for anything. Call today to schedule a private consultation or a group class at your home or office. Presentations are professional and informative.

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Catherine Calogrides, Wellness Advocate, Essential Oil Educator

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