The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

A Novel


This book is about a 16 year old girl named Sunshine who just moved to Ridgemont, Washington. There is a ghost in her house and she is trying to figure who the ghost is and why she is there. Her friend Nolan is helping her because he loves paranormal things, so thing is perfect for him. Also Sunshine's mother is being really weird lately and she is acting as if Sunshine doesn't even exist and that's strange because Sunshine and her mom never get free time together because her mom is always at work and Sunshine is at school. Another strange thing about her mom is that she cut sunshine and herself with a knife on purpose. Sunshine knew it was on purpose too because her and Nolan watched the video that sunshine took. But that video was supposed to try and catch/see the ghost.

What's Powerful about the Story

What's powerful about the story is that the author can tell us so much about the ghost but we still don't know who the ghost is and also about how the author makes a character change so much through out the story even though nothing happened to that character.
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