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Vol.1 Issue 3: April 24, 2020

Tips, tricks, and resources you may want to use or share with your classes. All newsletters, along with other fabulous resources, will be housed on the Library website's Teacher Zone (feel free to bookmark it) ;)

Not All Sports are Cancelled


Welcome to the Virtual Library Desk. We are OPEN!

I have an open Meets/Hangout from 9 am - 2 pm weekdays for teachers or students who need to stop by for help, just like they would during a "normal" day. The camera and microphone are muted unless someone comes in, but I'll be listening for the ding to come meet you. Just like the real library, sometimes I may have "stepped out" for a minute, but even if I'm in a meeting, I can pop over to let you know what time I'll be finished or mute the other meeting and help you really quickly (but honestly, most of my meetings are 2 pm or later anyway).

PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR STUDENTS. They can use this link and the meets nickname is tmslibrarydesk. If they get a notice it doesn't exist or is unavailable, make sure they know they should be going through their MISD portal to meet me.

Music and History Classes Collaborating

I know we have some Hamilton Lovers. I ran across this tweet this week that is asking for students to create their own "Hamilton" style performance using primary source documents. The website has lots of information but you could also adapt this to any time period. There are lots of primary source documents in our databases and you can challenge students in either history or music classes (or work together!) to pick a period in history and use the documents to bring those characters to life. They can create an original song and record it, perform a scene, create a piece of artwork, etc.

If you're intrigued, check out the tweet and website below.



This week's tip from the library- 7 ways to Use Google Drawings

One quick way to have students create as a means of showing what they've learned is Google Drawings. Contrary to what it sounds like, you do not have to be good at drawing to create something very cool. Here are just a couple of ideas:

ELAR: Design a "Wanted Poster" for a character in your novel. Who is looking for them? Why would someone be looking for them? Ask them to add elements that demonstrate their knowledge of the character's traits, how the setting affects the plot, etc.

MATH: Give examples of 4 equations and ask students to sort them into columns based on categories, assign each column an answers and place the correct equation with an answer, etc.

SCIENCE: Create a Venn Diagram of a Plant and Animal cell. Add a short text box comparing and contrasting the cells

SOC.STUDIES: Create a timeline of the major events of a time period. Have them explain the significance of each event they choose to add and how it impacted the time period.

Students can easily search for images and add text to their own drawings, creating their own posters, infographics, etc. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial and more ideas.

7 Ways to Use Google Drawings in Your Classroom
25+ Free Digital Escape Rooms

Not quite like our MISD breakouts, but still fun and FREE. Might be something to share with your kids to do for family night?

Technology Resources for Teachers

If you've missed some of the great staff development sessions the Instructional Technology Team has been putting together, they are recording and posting many of their "how to" sessions for everyone who couldn't make it.

Next week's schedule can be found here

Check out their page here

The FULL calendar can be found here

Resources for Parents and Students.

If you have parents or students needing help with connecting online from home, Instructional Technology and the Help Desk have put together videos and links for help. Students and Parents can contact the stuhelpdesk@mesquiteisd.org or fill out the Distance Learning Assistance Request form

They can visit this page to access all of the videos and resources.

Two Factor Authentication is BACK!

Beginning Wednesday, students had to choose a picture and must choose the picture to log into the portal. If kids are locked out, they need to email stuhelpdesk@mesquiteisd.org with their first/last name and Student ID Number to reset.

Guess Who???