A Peek into

the JLC Class

School Routine

Our class has officially transitioned from our "Grocery" unit into our 4th unit of the year: Hospital/Medical/Health! The children have been busy creating props, displays, and lists for each of the 6 "hospital" themed centers in our class.

If you or a family member works in the medical/health field and would like to visit our classroom please see Miss Sammy or Miss Lesia to set up a time and date!

Arrival Time/Attendance

Consistency and routine are key in your child's development. Thank you for your continued support in striving for perfect attendance and having your child arrive to school by 8:50 (or 8:40 if they eat breakfast with us). We know how difficult it can be to get back in routine after a long winter break. Keeping a consistent early bed time routine can help make mornings a little easier! Please let Miss Sammy, Miss Lesia, or Miss Sarafina know if you need support with bedtime routines/scheduling.

Please note, that our class goes outside promptly at 9 am (weather permitting). The children participate in Mystery Games at 8:50, so it is important that you have your child arrive to school on time by 8:50. A jacket is required daily, and gloves/mittens, hats, & scarves are strongly encouraged. Additionally, please dress your child in layers so that they are comfortable when playing outdoors during our 9 am gross motor time. Once we arrive back inside, we can support the children in removing their outer layers so they are comfortable inside. Leaving a sweater/sweatshirt in your child's cubby is also suggested over the next few winter months.

As per a new state guideline, our parking lot will be closed to vehicles while the children are walking from the building to the playground and from the playground back into the building. Due to this, if you arrive to school late, you may not have access to the parking lot. In the event the lot is closed off, please park on South 9th or South 10th and walk to the building. For the safety of the children and staff, please do not enter the lot from the parking lot exit or while children are present and visibly walking to/from the playground. Thank you!

JLC Medical/Hospital Unit

Take a peek below at what we've been working on in each center! Please note, if you don't see your child below, it is because we do not have your permission to share outside of classroom use. If you would like to change this, please see Miss Sammy or Miss Lesia!

Paramedics/Hospital Garage

Emergency Room

Hospital Nursery

Hospital Gift Shop

Hospital Lab & Pharmacy


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Your purchases provide us with bonus points to be used towards new books for our classroom! Not only that, but you are setting the foundation to support your children in becoming life long lovers of reading!

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A look ahead...

Special Dates to Keep in Mind:
  • Monday, 1/18/16: No school (MLK Day)
  • Wed: 1/20, Thurs: 1/21, & Fri 1/22: Parent/Teacher Conferences & 1:40 Early Dismissal Days. If you haven't already done so, please sign up for your child's P/T conference. Please sign up for a time that best suits your schedule! Phone conferences are available as well!
  • Wednesday, 1/27/16: School's Closed: Staff In Service
  • 2/2/16: Groundhog Day & Pajama Day! Come to school wearing pajamas and boot/sneakers. Slippers are NOT permitted.

JLC Class Staff:

JLC Class

Check out our Noah's Ark Facebook Page to be kept up to date with the fun and excitement taking place in the JLC Class! If you should need to contact Miss Sammy for any reason--feel free to use the email address found below: