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March 24, 2015

Digital Learning Day

Each week I will be sharing how Digital Learning was observed at various schools. Please send me pictures and information on how Digital Learning was celebrated at your school.

Central Cabarrus High School Digital Learning Day.

I’ve but together some artifacts to share with the whole staff to recap the day for those of you unable to make it.

-Take a look at our photo gallery from the digital scavenger hunt. HILARIOUS! Please leave comments for the most insane pictures ever! I promise they had educational purposes. Except for Maletta’s, they were just absurd.

-List of highly recommended digital tools from CCHS teachers.

-Ways to integrate Goosechase in your classroom written by CCHS teachers.

-Goosechase Training Presentation

CCS and Public Libraries Continue Partnership

Emery Ortiz (Director of Cabarrus County Public LIbraries, Patti Freeman (Instructional Technology Coordinator) and Jennifer Jenkins (Technology Staff Development Coordinator) meet yesterday to continue the discussion on a Partnership between public libraries and school media centers) Below is a list of the items that were among the discussion.

  • CCS schools will work with Ms. Ortiz to provide library access for all students. This will enable CCS students access to ALL digital resources that are available at the public library.
  • Students will have FREE access to 25,000 eBooks, 18,000 full text journals, magazines, newspapers, 400 videos, thousands of images and maps, and interactive tests and tools. This is just a small amount of resources that will be available FREE for all students and teachers. To see all that will be available please visit the following webiste.
  • Employees from the public library system will be sharing the available resources to CCS staff this summer during the Technology Camp on August 5th and August 6th.
  • Instructional Technology and the public libraries will also be working together on sharing staff developments that are needed by both,

10 Brilliant and Inspiring Education and Technology Experts I Follow, and Why

Terry Heick of TeachThought

erry and his staff produce a constant stream of top notch articles that get us all thinking about how teaching can and should be evolving in this modern age. Check out our 2014 interview with Terry here.

Vicki ‘Cool Cat Teacher’ Davis

Teachers all over the world love the Cool Cat Teacher, and for good reason! Vicki’s contributions to teaching and education technology are consistently inspiring and informative. She has been awarded Edublog’s “Best Teacher Blog” award, and has received numerous other accolades for her teaching and education technology thought leadership. Check out Vicki’s Every Classroom Matters podcast, or read about her newest book, Reinventing Writing: The 9 Tools That Are Changing Writing, Teaching, and Learning Forever.

Richard Byrne (FreeTech4Teachers)

Richard’s site has a HUGE following, as if that’s a surprise – teachers need free stuff! Frankly, I’m a tad jealous of his brilliant, simple approach with the multi-award-winning FreeTech4Teachers – a fun site name and an outstanding concept. Who doesn’t love free!

Kathy Schrock

Her different sites offer a wealth of tools, tips, and techniques that any teacher could spend endless hours learning from. We interviewed Kathy here on the site last year too!

Larry Ferlazzo

If you’ve been paying any attention to education technology over the last few years, you’ve probably come across Larry’s name more than once. His blog has received numerous Edublog Awards, and he’s become a rather prolific author. His work on student motivation has really caught my eye, and I look forward to reading his newest book, Building A Community Of Self-Motivated Learners, which will be available in a few days.

Sal Khan (Khan Academy)

Sal Khan has certainly evolved into somewhat of a celebrity in the world of teaching and technology. The Khan Academy is at the forefront of much of what technology can do enhance instructional processes. While Sal Khan himself does not seem to have a direct channel where he is sharing insights on a regular basis, his work in books like The One World School House: Education Reimagined and published interviews and talks, and the occasional article, have provided plenty of opportunities to learn and be inspired by his ideas.

Jackie Gerstein

Jackie publishes the wonderful blog User Generated Education, where she writes regularly about “Education as it should be – passion-based”. I first got familiar with her work several years ago through outstanding articles she wrote about the Flipped Classroom.

Audrey Watters

Audrey and her HackEducation web site are widely known in ed tech circles, and she is one of the most powerful and outspoken ed tech writers and speakers you will come across. She is not afraid to speak her mind, and she is absolutely worth listening to! Her site’s tagline, “The History of the Future of Education Technology” reflects her genius (IMHO).

Jon Bergmann

I can honestly say that Jon Bergmann and co-conspirator Aaron Sams changed my life. I am not alone in that sentiment, as no one has done more to propel the grassroots Flipped Classroom movement forward than these two gentleman. I’ve written about their work many times, and had the pleasure of meeting them both at last year’s FlipCon14 conference. I focus on Jon here because he writes and shares a wide variety of content more regularly than Aaron, but they both have much too offer. Learn about their hallmark book, Flip Your Classroom, in this article.

Robert Talbert

Read his Huffington Post blog Casting out Nines after reading a few of his articles, such as “Flipped learning skepticism: Can students really learn on their own?” Additionally, his writings on a wide variety of education related topics, from “GTD” (Getting Things Done) to the wastefulness of unsolicited copies of textbooks speak well to efficiency, effectiveness, and other objectives that hit home for me.

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