Nepal the Greatest Country of Them All!


Nepal is located between China and India. The charming Nepal has an astounding view of some of the worlds most substantial mountains.


Year round weather is exceedingly comfortable. Throughout the year you get three main seasons. Even in the winter season temperatures can reach over 50 degrees Fahrenheit! Come to Nepal for agreeable weather year round!


Nepal’s climate can range from tropic to arctic based on where you visit. In the higher altitudes temperatures are frigid. As you reach the lower altitudes climate can be hot and humid. With a varying climate Nepal is flawless for any traveler!

Fun For the Family!

Do you like jaw dropping views? Then you would love to visit some of the world’s most notorious mountains that just happen to be in Nepal! You and your family can visit Mount Everest! How many people can say that they have climbed or even seen Mount Everest. You could be one of the few by visiting Nepal!

If climbing isn’t your thing then you should visit some of our historic temples in Kathmandu. This view of crumbling architecture is breathtaking.


The main language in Nepal is Nepali. Nepali is similar to Hindi and Bengali. It originated from the Khas people about five hundred years ago.

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Mount Everest


Some ways of the Nepali is to greet each other with namaste with hands folded. If you want to show great respect to a person you ad -ji to their first name. People show their culture by their clothing. They also have pride in their music. If you want to say goodbye you should also use the phrase namaste.


If you don't know how act in Nepal don't worry we got you covered! When eating with your hands only use the right hand. Also for food if you are sharing with somebody do not touch lips with the objects. Men should wear shirts at all times and females should cover their bodies. If you want to come across sophisticated dress clean and you will gain respect.


Nepal is full of diverse people, so all people can fit in on a trip to Nepal! If you enjoy street dancing or beat boxing you would love to visit the streets of Nepal. If street dancing isn't your thing then you will love the culture up in the mountains. You can climb famous mountains and enjoy the beautiful view!

Evidence of this culture change is the acceptance of the younger teenagers beat boxing. In 2008 the NBF (New Beat Fund) was formed. Now they have dance battles and beat boxing battles in the streets for plenty of people to enjoy!

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Come to Nepal you won't forget the wonderful life long lasting memories!