Task 3

Discuss potential barriers to effective communication

Barriers to effective communication

Background noise:The background noise is impact on the potential barriers of effective communication and some reasons that background noise is a barrier to effective communication is for example verbal communication with the loud background noise which is people can speak loudly which makes people can feel difficult to hear and also can not to understand what is being said and also people not to understand what was said to them and another example is it can cause serious misunderstanding or clash in the working environment.

Distractions:The distractions is also impact on the potential barriers. The distractions happen when someone is behind to the other people when they are doing something or come late time to the presentation so he can interrupt to the people while they were following the speaker and there is also another example like mobile phone rings in a presentation, clock ticks and all of these things can interrupt to the audience.

Physical barriers:Physical barriers are barriers is such like thunder, rain and wind which can create noise. for example if temperature of a place is too high then people cannot concentrate on the information they are sending which is they can feel uncomfortable or loose the attention.

Location:Location is also as an environmental barrier to effective communication in that your location can make influence the ability to be a ware as well as create other physical barriers and location barriers like you prepare a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting and you have to conduct If the meeting location does not have the equipment requirement you need to show your PowerPoint presentation so you will have a major communication that prevent you solve

Lack of concentration:The lack of concentration has also a major impact on the barriers to effective communication. The lack of concentration works by when you stop communication. It is also important to keep communication and The lack of concentration comes when you have a poor listening or make arguing. The argument can cause the lack of concentration as well when you have a conversation with a team.

Mechanisms to reduce the impact of these barriers

Background Noise: This type of mechanism is very important to stop people talking when you are in work area or during the work because if you allow people do background noise then you can loose the attention of the work or presentation and another reason for how you can stop this mechanism is that you can put your mobile phone on silent to stop to make noise when other people are in work or presentation.

Distractions: a way to stop distractions is that to remove the employee who is distracting you in your work place and then you won’t get distracted and you will be able to carry on with your work.

This mechanism is very important and people around you are distracting from doing your work and you could ask your manager or supervisor if you can move in to a private room then it helps you to be able to continue with your work and get your work done in time.

Lack of concentration: this to come when people do not interest the topic of the presentation or the speaker takes long time so audience feel boring or lack of concentration so to avoid this the speaker needs to change his voice and make interesting way to adapt the audience.

Cultural differences:

When communicating with people from different cultures you have to make some research about the words and actions they use and how they interpret things because they can use symbols which interrupt something and you do not understand this makes confusion or misunderstanding also shaking hands are cultural different which some people use in different way.