Thursday, January 28, 2015

Superbowl Stuff

Here's a list of winning teams, ticket prices, advertising costs, half-time performers, etc. of the Superbowl since 1967.


All Kinds of Amazing Science Stuff for All Grade Levels

The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art, and human perception.

Describing their site, they say, "We believe that following your curiosity and asking questions can lead to amazing moments of discovery, learning, and awareness and can increase your confidence in your ability to understand how the world works. We also believe that being playful and having fun is an important part of the process...We create tools and experiences that help you to become an active explorer: hundreds of explore-for-yourself exhibits; a website with over 50,000 pages of content, film screenings, etc."

Some of the areas are given below, and all can be accessed through the link.


Debatable--Politically Correct NFL Teams?

What if the National Football League became politically correct? Then the team playing schedule would sound like this:

The Washington Native Americans will host the New York Very Tall People on opening day. Other key games include the Dallas Western-style Laborers versus the St. Louis Uninvited Guests, and the Minnesota Plundering Norsemen versus the Green Bay Meat Industry Workers. In week two, there are several key matchups, highlighted by the showdown between the San Francisco Precious Metal Enthusiasts and the New Orleans Good People. Also, the Atlanta Birds of Prey versus the Philadelphia National Birds of Symbolic Patriotism, and the Seattle Birds of Prey versus the Phoenix Male Finches.

The Monday night game will pit the Miami Pelagic Percoid Food Fishes against the Denver Untamed Beasts of Burden, the Cincinnati Large Bangladeshi Carnivorous Mammals versus Tampa Bay's West Indies Free Booters, and the Detroit Large Carnivorous Cats versus the Chicago Security-Traders-in-a-Declining-Market. Week nine will feature the Indianapolis Young Male Horses verses the New England Zealous Lovers of Country.

Source: "The 365 Clean Joke Book" Barbour Publishing, Inc. © 2006

Great Platforms to Find Open Educational Resources

This week, Education Technology posted a list of free educational tools that will help you find some great open educational resources (OERs). Click the blue titles below or go to the link at the bottom of this post for more.


Go here for videos, sites, interactives, questions, slides, textbooks, handouts, lessons, and exams. Filter by CCSS, subject, and grade.


Go here for videos and games. Filter by CCSS and grade.


Go here for games, images, animations, and lesson plans. Filter by language and subject.


Go here for lesson plans, reading passages, and question sets related to reading comprehension. Includes CCSS-alignment.


Go here for games, videos, and interactives. Filter by grade, subject, and CCSS.

Wolfram Education Portal

Go here for textbooks, lesson plans, widgets, and interactives related to math.


Harlem Reniassance Dictionary

In studying the Harlem Reniassance, the following dictionary might lead to an interesting writing assignment.

The charismatic bandleader, Cab Calloway, "not only had a way with words, but his love of them led him to compile a "Hepster's Dictionary" of Harlem musician slang circa 1938. It featured 200 expressions used by the “hep cats” when they talk their “jive” in the clubs. It was also the first dictionary authored by an African-American.


Videos to Learn "Esoteric" Things

This e-learning site offers more than 10,000 curated short-form, interactive videos taught by 1,000 teachers on a variety of what they describe as esoteric topics, ranging from macrame to triathlon training to the martial arts.


Reduce the Size of Images, calls itself "A free, online image compression utility. It reduces the size of images and photos without affecting the quality. It supports JPEF, PNG, GIF, and SVG file formats and can compress up to 90%.