Savig update

Feb 2014

CRU Corner

One of the great joys of our past few months has been facilitating and being a part of some small groups who are looking at how to be “salt and light” within the realities of American culture. We are helping to develop materials that challenge believers to live out a robust faith in word and deeds. The desire is that we would effectively and winsomely reflect Jesus by engaging in rather than conforming to, aggressively confronting or simply avoiding culture. We are being challenged and stretched in the process. We hope to start a few more small groups in the Denver area in the next few months. Please let us know if you would like any more information about the material of would like to participate in one of our groups.

Kazakh Corner

Jeni was planning on heading back to Almaty for a few weeks this Spring to take part in a women’s conference. There are some complications that have risen in regards to our permanent residence cards (like “green cards”) that may require that both of us travel back to Kazakhstan at the same time. We’re not sure what all of this means yet, but are trusting God to show us clear steps, in what often feels like murky waters of changing visa/travel requirements. Please pray for wisdom and direction for us.

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Kids Corner

Tate, Alec and Kati, who have all been adjusting to life in the States, are each transitioning quite well. It’s not been easy for any of them, and some are enjoying life here more than others. Each of them are trying to focus on the positives and lean into Jesus in the ups and downs of transition. If they come to mind, would you pray that this would be a year where they experience in fresh ways the extravagant dimensions of Christ’s love for them and others - and live fully in the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:18-19).

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Cultural Corner – or what surpises, baffles or delights us about living in America)

MAIL – not the electronic kind, but the fill your physical postbox, give yourself paper cuts opening kind. We haven’t received regular mail in about 23 years, and part of it is so fun: Like Christmas Cards – what a blast to have received so many and to have been able to receive and read them in December and January as opposed to Spring or Summer, which was the norm in Kaz. The downside: junkmail, catalogues, letters from a bazillion colleges because we have a junior in highschool. Picture of Christmas cards;