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The beginning To a Social Experience

social experiences could be great and make you feel popular but don't take things too far, you might find that an online friend could be taking advantage of you and abusing you.

what not to do

  1. don't ever lie about your age.
  2. never accept friend requests from people you don't know.
  3. always post pictures that you are ok with you whole family seeing (grandparents or parents).
  4. don't post personal information (address, phone number, school ...).
  5. don't feel presured to report anything bad.

always know who you are talking to

the risks that people take meeting new people online and having an online relationship is tremendous. if you ever get think that someone is taking advantage of you than contact ChildLine and no matter what anyone says never feel preasured to report if anything happens

Girl and boy flirting on internet Be careful Official and Shocking -hq
Clare thought she knew - CEOP Centre film


cyber bullying is a terrible thing in this link below there is a story about a 15 year old girl who commits suicide because of cyberbullying.

digital footprints

things you post on the internet are hard to delete and may not ever get deleted at all others could copy them and share them. watch the video on this link to get a better picture.

forensic computing

this is an applicatin of investigation and analysis, high tech to preserve evidence, this evidence could be presented in the court of law