Peter and the Starcatchers

Joel Miles

Description of flyer

Black Stache. The bane of all seamen. The lord of pirates... enough chatter, get on with the flyer!

Black stache

The lord of pirates, as I said earlier, but fortunately for his victims, he is sometimes a little nutty! His mission is to capture the Wasp, and he doesn't what anything but that. His ship is the Sea Devil, and its secret weapon is its special sails, the "ladies".

Character traits

1.Mean (duh!)Black Stache is so mean that on page 131, he agrees with smee about leaving people to die of thirst humanitarian! ("I think it's a grand humanitarian effort.")

2.Clever:On page 113, He cuts away the burning ladies, but he attaches a mooring buoy to keep them from sinking into the ocean. ("Cut loose the ladies," Stache ordered smee.)

3.Insane:On page 48, Black Stache throws two men overboard to reduce the ship's weight.

("...Preparing to toss them overboard for no good reason.)

4.Messy:On page 82, the text says black stache has dead cow on his bunk.("...several pieces of dead cow on black stache's bunk...)

Physical traits

1.Large nose:On page 33, the text says his nose is like a turnip. ("...Like a prize turnip glued to his face.)

2.Long,Black stache (pun absolutely intended):On page 33 the text says he has a long, black mustache.("...thick growth of hair on his upper lip, long and black, lovingly maintained.)

3.Greasy hair:On page 33, the text says his hair is long and greasy. ("His long black hair, greasy from years without washing...")

4.Black eyes: On page 33, the text says he has piercing black eyes. ("He had dark, deepest, piercingly black eyes...")

Sink the Wasp!

Wednesday, May 5th 2004 at 1-6pm

Caribbean Sea

Join Black Stache for a afternoon of fun! Try the rigging obstacle course, and try to dodge cannon balls during the battle of the wasp! You can even fire a cannon for the small price of joining the crew permanently!