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Little 'bout me

Hi, Im Lindsey Dingman. Lots of people really don’t know me so maybe by the end of you reading this maybe that can change. I have lots of family and friends that I like to spend time with. Loving sports like I do is just something that helps motivate me to be a team player.I have one goal in life and that would be to become professional softball player and be a successful law student at Louisiana State University.

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Am I Happy?

According to the happiness test I am a fairly happy person.

Happy or Not

Im not always happy and not always mad so I'm in between. People can push me to get upset and angry. People also could cheer me up by doing some type of sport with me. So with the results from test above I'm to happy and Im not to mad. Thats my happiness.

The Personality

I was 22% introvert. Introvert means that I'm a very selfish person.I was only 1% sensing which means I don't have good judgment. I'm thinking 12% which isn't very good it means I underestimate what I do.Im also 22% judging so I guess you could say I judge my peers a lot of the time.

Left Brain

I am more left brain than I am right brained. The left brain is what controls the right side of my body. Since I am left brained I am also considered a critical thinker who uses logic and sense before collecting data to be rational. Also since I am left brained I found out the job that I have always wanted to be which I a lawyer that position is normally filled by left brained people. Some of the other jobs that left brained people normally have is being a judge, lab scientist, banker,mathematician, liberian, or skating judge. The left brained people are usually very skilled at thinking before doing.We are also usually more focused on their work. Thats my dominant brain side.

The Learning Style

Linguistic means that i am good at math an do good in school.It involves the ability to use words effectively for reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The poet has been described Intrapersonal intelligence has been said to be the road to achievement, learning, and personal satisfaction. It is about being connected to who you are and how you feel, and knowing your own limits and abilities. s the epitome of verbal-linguistic intelligence. Logical-mathematical intelligence is about understanding complex problems and conceptualizing relationships between symbols, processes, and actions.

Kuder Results

According to my Kuder results I would be most successful in the plant systems. There were 4 other careers too they were health information, warehousing and distribution Center Operations, Agribusiness systems, Power,Structural, and Technical Systems.While working in the plant systems i would need to often use things that operate with plants.

Kuder Results

According to my Kuder results my highest field in careers would be corrections service. With having Correction Services be my highest level

Intrest Assessment

Im the enterprising type of person at least thats what the Interest Assessment test told me.Individuals with high enterprising scores generally enjoy interacting with people in a manner that involves leadership, persuasion, and management. They tend to be comfortable with their decision-making skills and may be ambitious, competitive, and self-confident.Enterprising types are often attracted to economically rewarding endeavors and are comfortable exerting power over others.

Short Term Goals

I want to play softball for the rest of my life but for now I just want to play spring and summer ball.

During next years basketball season I want my team to be the winning the lawrence county tournament.

In order to finish my life as a lawyer I have to first complete my high school and get a diploma.

Long Term Goals

I would love to be a college graduate at the University of Arkansas to follow in my uncles foot steps and become a lawyer. I would also like to one day become a professional softball coach. I know this sounds crazy but by the time I'm 40 i want to have become the worlds number one pitcher.

My Top 5 Strengths

I am the real or authentic me I do not like to pretend to be something that Im not even though sometimes it happens.I have been told I am clever when it come to what I say (often not making since). I have been an athletic athlete since i was in day care. I am always confident in what I do. I am demanding to get what I want at times.

My Top 5 Weaknesses

I am often rude and speak my mind when I do not agree with what others are claiming.I also like to keep my things to myself for example, if i have my own food I do not want to share it with someone else.I am very irresponsible at times when I need to keep up with something.If I have something to do I do then and when Im working with someone and don't like to wait on them I want to get the task done and over with.

What Role I Play In A Team

Leader. Strong, decisive, brave, and balanced. I like to stay serious when it's important but I'm not aren't without humor. Other people look up to me and admire me, though I sometimes wish they didn't.I don't like to be the one in charge but I'm best for the job whether I realize or not.

Color Code

I am red. Of course no two people are alike. Here we go deeper into your Red personality and explore if you are a “Purist” or a “Blended” personality.Since I have more than one personality like most people I get mad, easily and it doesn't take much either because I have a temper.

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