By: Amaiya M. Hour:4 S.S.

Ying and yang spinning ride!

Your family will really enjoy this ride families will split up for this ride in order to pass obstacles while the whole machine is being spun around in circles. Will you survive without your family members?

ying and yang spinning ride: I chose this ride because ying and yang need to be together in order to function properly,i incorporated this into my theme park in theme park in order for families splitting up and coming back together at the end of the ride,like ying and yang.

Flood simulating dunk tank!

Your family will truthfully love this experience!One family member will say what it takes to be a great ancient china farmer if others don't agree you will get dunked into a pool of water!

Flood simulating dunk tank:I chose this ride because being a farmer was hard in ancient china and one of their biggest challenges were floods .Farmers were always under the pressure to provide for their family and everyone else.

Some of our top rides and attractions!

Guaranteed to be awesome and fun for the whole family!

Other attractions include..

Pyramid dropping ride!

This is fun for all of the dare devils in your family. with quick drops and constant scares will you be able to survive?

Pyramid dropping ride:I chose this ride because the Chinese had a pyramid like social structure and this would be a nice addition to super china land.

Silk road kiddie train!

This ones is for all of your adorable young ones activity will send your small children on a ride across the "silk road", teaching them new things about ancient china and even receive a conductors hat!

Silk road kiddie train: i chose this because the silk road was an important park of ancient Chinese culture and an important teaching moment for children.

Dragon loop ride!

This ride is fun for all occasions birthdays,fun day out,or just out and about with all the loops and twists this is truly for the dare devils!

Dragon loop ride: I c hose this ride because of how the Chinese worshiped the dragon with high respects.

Emperors bouncy castle and trampoline park!

This is fun for all ages. with things for adults,teenagers, and children this attraction will bring out the fun emperor in you!

Emperors bouncy castle: i chose this because the emperors castle was in the middle of the village and the emperor got what he wanted even if he had to get it himself!

Archery lessons!

All people who are interested in archery please come and learn for a 15 minute session with professional to learn the art of archery!

Archery station:I Chose this because in the army there were many types of solders but one of the most important and efficient were the archers on horses.

Swording simulator!

Everyone who enjoys simulators swords and awesomeness should come to this one!

Swording simulators:I chose this because the chinese invented the iron sword and made it longer for better use.

Midnight lion party!

This one is for 12+ a party stating at midnight with fireworks,food and best of all dancing come show your inner party animal at the center of the park!

I chose this because the chinese emperor had a lugureunt home in the middle of town,chinese invented fireworks,and they worshiped lions.

Chinease lettering tiles!

For all those who would like to learn something new look down at the chinese lettering and ask any attendant what it means!

I chose this because the chinese had 9000 characters.


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